PC Gen players?

Hey all, I’d like to start getting in some more matches with Gen players to work on whatnot together, while I do have psn, I prefer PC since it’s basically the best of all three (though I won’t rub it in anyone’s face like most xbox snobs).

I did meet one good Gen player on pc, I don’t remember his name but he had Gen somewhere in it. He was ranked somewhere between 3-4k PP I think, but there’s got to be more.

Anyways, I know the 2012 update isnt coming until sometime in February but I don’t find Gen’s changes in 2012 that monumental, but it will be nice to know ahead of time anyways.

EDIT: I live in the southwest U.S.A, Texas specifically, if that matters to anyone.

I’ll start playing on PC once it’s patched but for now you can catch me on PSN + XBL. I hope they patch the PC version soon. It’s so much easier for me to record and upload my matches using the PC version. I don’t think they’ve announced an official release date for the patch yet. :frowning:

5 active frames on crane cr. round house is pretty monumental =D

absolutely true! And also the new Ex Oga is great

Okay, that’s one of the few buffs I care about, that and maybe making all the FA +0 on block.

Perhaps I should update this thread again when the 2012 patch comes out since I don’t expect too many people to be on until then.

making all FA 0 on block kinda makes Gen dangerous lol! I play PC by the way Ugo_Unleashed

Yes, gen’s FA is one of my favorite things about him. Great range and knowing that it is safe on block makes me feel all fuzzy inside.

I’ll add you. My name on there is Billy Kringle.

Mantis FA is -3 on block after 2012 patch.

Oh… now I feel like an idiot. Guess I stand corrected.

I rarely use FA in my game play, unless against Rog