PC: GFWL change gamertag/make new one, use sfivae!?!?

huaarghh, so i randomly made a gfwl account and gamertag with sfivae when i first got it, however i’m better at the game now and i’ll soon have a new machine to play on, so to mark this transition i’ve changed my online gamename in most games. how do i do this for sfivae, i tried making a new account to get around paying a million pounds to change gamertag, but i can only use my key for one account. any ideas?

its going to erase all your progress (trials, arcade, multiplayer) if you switch to a new machine

havent figured out how to transfer the player data but it doesnt carry over unless you manually do it.

only way to change name is pay for it or have a bunch of people report your gamertag

800 MSP = $10 to change.