PC: GFWL down?!

I installed the game through steam and tried to get online on GFWL today (I’m from europe) but I couldn’t log on to GFWL (funny fact: tried to play vanilla yesterday but couldn’t log on too).
Anyone experiencing the same problems?

Edit: Oooops, GFWL is working! It was complicated but my own fault in the end.

I’m having the same problem,

what did you do to solve this?

Haven’t been able to play AE online for PC yet.

Can anyone tell me if the PS3 Madcatz TE stick will work for the game? I plug it in, but the game doesn’t recognise the PS3 stick. This is really frustrating as my keyboard doesn’t respond either. I think I just blew $40 on a game I can’t play…

Had same problem today. A friend of mine too. What did you do to solve it?


It worked for 2 days then it stopped working. How can a PC close a port by itself?

My “problem” was because I recently installed windows live messenger and tried to create an account…I resetted my GFWL password because I didn’t know that windows live messenger shares same account with gfwl.

Long story short: reset your password to be certain that you didn’t use the wrong one ;D

dl motioninjoy and turn on X360 emulation, that should help it out a lot