PC HELP! Is there a way to get my unlocked stuff back!


i unlocked all the colors and characters about 3 weeks ago and my laptop had a virus causing to restart a new fresh windows and simply lost everything but before i restarted i made sure i saved all sf data to another hdd. i reinstall game but dont have nothing unlocked! is there a way i can get all my stuff back some how please help thanx!!!


There is already a PC thread…

And here’s youre answer: http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=197301&p=8280374&viewfull=1#post8280374

If you didn’t backup the XLive folder, use an Unlocker.




hey thanx Miyagi but it seems like the process didnt go through as expected

1 - after i reinstalled windows again my lap has this system where it automaticly saves the old files no matter what so those that Capcom folder and appdata\local\Microsoft\XLive is still there. but still saved everything just incase to another HDD
2 - I signed into GFWL and it said it wont work without typing in the product key. so i typed in the key and everything seems like it was gonna go well until i see the char select screen and no chars unlocked.

so im guessing do i have to transfer that XLive folder to some where in the CAPCOM folder? if not how do i find the unlocker since i cant seem to find it in that thread for PC but its mentioned. sorry bout the hassle


Just use that app that unlocks all the chars/extras.


yea didnt want to but i had to since i unlocked everything before which took so many hours i would have felt better if i retreaved it all back but o well gotta do what u gotta do thanx tho folks


OK then… only 4 u once again: :slight_smile:
Install SF4.
Start SF4 and log into GFWL (enter Key).
Now SF4/GFWL have created their folders again.
Close SF4.
Now there are two folders:
"C:\Users<your user account>\My Documents\My Games\CAPCOM\STREETFIGHTERIV"
"C:\Users<your user account>\appdata\local\Microsoft\XLive"
I deleted everything (!!!) in those folders and copied my backup files into.
Start SF4 and everything should be fine.