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Alright, guys. I’m having trouble with some mods and need to know which files/directories I should replace via backup. I’ve narrowed it down to a few possibilities, but since several people here have much more knowledge than I do, I’m at the point now where I will literally pay someone $50 steam if they can fix my issue for me.

Basically, from the Menu Screen I can select every other mode no problem EXCEPT ‘Training’. In fact, when I do choose Training from the Main Menu, it makes the selection noise before sitting at a black screen with the menu music playing. I can’t escape or back out and ultimately have to reboot the game. Keep in mind that this normally would be the screen with the Dan background where you have the option to toggle ‘Fight Request’. My guess is that either that background is bugged and won’t load, or one of my mods has somehow affected the request option?

I should also say that I already replaced the .TRN stage files, despite being able to launch the level in every other game mode, mostly as a precaution. I also moved some of the training.emz, etc. files from my backup folder to the install directory, but was unable to fix the issue, tho I may simply be missing one here or there.

I’ve also done the Steam ‘verify’ and it deleted some of my character skin mods, menu mods, etc, but didn’t fix the issue launching ‘Training’ mode. So, here I am. Your thoughts? What files are responsible for launching this mode that wouldn’t affect Arcade, Versus, Challenges, etc

Fixed it!

Now pay yourself 50 steam dollars…

@Hou_Shou How did you fix it?