[pc] how to unlock color 11 and 12

I want to know how to unlock the last 2 colors on the pc version, i have both games but the last 2 colors don’t show up :frowning:

Someone else might need to verify this, but I THINK they unlock after you complete the trials for each character.

They are not unlocked yet. It is suppose to be by owning the original. but its not working. you can do the color unlocker. or wait and capcom is releasing a patch for it.

Confirmed that it doesn’t work =/.

Unless you mean finishing all 35? character trials.

Sounds like klemers has the correct answer for you.

I unlocked them using the method he described.

thx for the answers :frowning: seems i’ll have to keep waiting for those to be patched in

I’m sure I got them after I bought the costume pack for all characters from Steam.

i’m hoping the unlocker proggie we have on this site will still work after today’s patch. I bought all the DLC but I would like to get those trials done and out of the way, plus the titles would be nice. I have yet to complete any of the trials… some of that stuff is so hard or ridiculously unpractical that I don’t care enough to try.