PC Issue with Hori RAP V3-SA


I was looking for some advice on how to get my Hori Real Arcade Pro V3 to work with Street Fighter AE (behind on upgrading the PC version). The issue I am having is that it is not recognizing any inputs from the joystick for just that game. When I booted the game up the first time I was able to use it and set the controls using the button config but now it is not working at all. When I go into options it shows the stick as a controller with the buttons mapped, but it will not recognize any inputs. The strange thing is that the joystick works fine for Skullgirls. I haven’t tried motion joy or any drivers since it does not seem to be an issue with that, and I am sure I am just missing something small. Also, I have tried using the settings for DP, LS, and RS. Usually the LS (left stick) is what works with PC.


Okay, in case this happens to anyone else I got it fixed. I was right, I just didn’t try something embarrassingly simple. I just went to the joystick button config and set the buttons to default, and it let me remap them after that.