PC Joystick Drivers for OFFLINE PC?


I have a PC in the middle of nowhere with no wifi, or internet. It has a 2 player control panel wired up using ZD Encoders, but sometimes the gang would like to play 4 player x-men, simpsons, etc,
Is there a place I can download all of these drivers with install for the windows xp os? It sounds silly, I know, but I was just curious.
Maybe something like XPadder would work ok for adding 2 usb sticks?


Isn’t the PS/PS3 encoders are generic Hid class devices which are PnP?


I don’t know, I know some are only recognized as PS3 sticks, and I know some xbox sticks will be seen, and identified, but when it can’t connect to the internet, it abandons the install.


xbox 360 drivers are at http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/en-us/d/xbox-360-controller-for-windows


If all you’re doing is MAME might want to check out a Linux based USB stick that you can update at a place with internet and then plop into the offline PC and boot off. Linux recognizes tons of controllers easy.