PC keeps randomly locking up

As of late, my PC seems to love randomly locking up for no reason. No error messages, no long loading times, it just randomly comes to a dead forzen halt.

This also seems to be happening alot when left unattended. I leave the PC alone, go to bed, wake up next morning to see it’s not responding to anything, stuck on the screen saver.

Any fixes?

Could be overheating. Check the temperatures and make sure your cpu fan didn’t die out or anything (happened to me before).

Motherboard 34 C (93 F)
CPU 34 C (93 F)
GPU 54 C (129 F)

Those normal temps?

Very normal temps. Any other information you can give on this situation? I’ve had something similar happen on my old Gateway (Fivish years old now), but that was a bit different, and I think I fixed it by reformatting. You could have some kind of malware that might be causing this so I’d suggest a good anti-virus and anti-spyware scan.

Lock ups are always a bitch to test. Download a linux boot disk like Knoppix and run it for a day or two if you can. If it still locks up, you’re looking at a hardware issue, either overheating (which it doesnt sound like) or an electrical short. And for fucks sake, if the PC’s sitting directly on carpet, slap yourself and then place it a little higher on something. Sooo many people I know had PC problems until they got their PC off of the carpet.

If it doesn’t lock up, then it’s a software issue causing (and hardware drivers falls in this too). You can either look through the system’s event viewer to see when exactly it died and if there are any common problems when it locks, or just wipe it and reinstall Windows and everything.

Virus. Memory drainers or power drainers can cause slowdown and lockups.


I guess your HD is nearly full.
Try deleting everything you won’t use, worked for me.
BTW, how much Hard Disk free space you have left ?