PC keyboard shortcuts


[*]SRK motion: hold db then tap f,f + p/k (yes, you can shoryuken from crouch block!! :lol: )

[*]reversed SRK motion: hold db then tap f, p/k (you only have to tap f once and release it before pressing p/k. very useful with Gouken’s parry!! and Fei Long’s flamekick)

[*]Bison/Honda/etc. charge ultra motion: charge back or db and hold then tap f,f+3k or 3p
(note: for Bison doesn’t work while holding db, because you get a teleport - just release d when you do it)

[*]Guile/Vega super/ultra motion: charge db then tap f,f,u+3k

[*]360 motion: b,f,d,u + p/k (landing 360’s has never been more easy… it’s easier than gamepad for me. you almost never jump by accident because of Gief’s jump startup time in SF4)

[*]720 motion: ??? (please help me on this one)

you only have to laugh at those ignorant people making stupid remarks about how playing on keyboard is pointless/impossible.

keyboard always was better than gamepad overall (especially with charge characters since you have so much more precision in charge motions with individual buttons for directions).

in SF4, the difference is even larger in keyboard’s favor.


Oh,how intriguing! Will they dash in to Ultra with that? If so,then it’s a great shortcut for a dashing Ultra.


Now its time for people to use keyboard emulation for their stick.


keyboard emulation? there’s no such thing.

the controls are identical… the only difference is on keyboard you can press multiple directions in the same time because you have individual buttons for each direction.
you can’t hold the stick db and do f,f in the same time because of physical limitations. xD


Mizuki got owned.


There have been a few custom sticks built with four buttons for directionals. But then, they aren’t literally “sticks” at all, I guess.


They’re very, very awesome though. :rock:
I’ve been tempted to build one just because they’re so awesome, but I don’t really see myself actually using it.


I’ve been playing fighting games on my PC for a long time now and have gotten very comfortable with the keyboard. I dont think there is any argument as to whether or not it’s better than a controller, but sometimes i think about whether or not it is better than a stick.

I am convinced that for charge characters you have a distinct advantage. The time it takes to use two fingers to let go of one key and press another (and due to easy+keyboard input there is significant room for error) is noticably faster than the time it takes to move a stick across the diameter of it’s range.

The problems occur for me when i need to move my middle finger for a 360 or 720. Half circles can be learned easy enough but moving the middle finger between down/up for a 360 is a significant time gap. It still comes out but i know i could do it faster on a stick.

My main is Honda so the drawbacks do not currently effect me. I think at this point my only incentive to get a stick would be so i could practice at home for arcade tournaments.


A friend of mine is having quite a bit of trouble as Ryu with the keyboard, particularly in the realm of FADC’ing fp.srk’s into the ultra. Any tips?


The same as with any other input device - practice.


I can’t believe how some people still think that a keyboard is better than a stick for fighting games.

Anyone ever saw a keyboard at an arcade? There must be a reason for that.


You are not going to get precise combos i.e. 1 frame links or anything gdlk simply by the nature of keyboards. Its like trying to play piano with a pc keyboard, you will find out how terrible it is if you’ve tried. You might scrape by with sagat or charge chars online but you’re not heading to evo to show daigo whats up.


I’m pretty sure everyone recognizes that an arcade stick is the best for SF4.

But OP is saying that keyboard > pads. And I agree with him. I have a pad and a keyboard on my pc and I rather play with keyboard. The only thing harder to do is zangief’s ultra/super afaik.


Well you can use macro do do the 720 motion but that cheating :stuck_out_tongue:

The advantage of a keyboard over a pad?

For charge character , you can Perma charge with 1 finger.
You have 3 finger available for lp lk etc …

I play with a keyboard and here’s how i’m set

Num1 Lp , Num 2 Mp , Num3 HP , Num 4 Lk , Num 5 MK , Num 6 Hk , Num 7 Focus

For 720 … Ouch that impossible.Unless you’re very lucky. Because of how the keyboard button are made.Unless you use a macro but that cheating.Doing a 720 … you need to press very quick with your 3 finger lol . You can’t do a circle motion with those button.lol

Also 1 frame link impossible with a keyboard?Than i must be a god . Because i find them easy.
Also try TO do a High Jump with c viper … Its hard with a keyboard lol.


As it stands right now, most PC keyboards have an inherent flaw that prevent you from pressing most 3-key combinations at the same time, save a select few. Because of this, when I play with WASD and numpad 456§123(K), I have to use 0 for PPP and . for KKK, as well as - for taunt, + for FA, and Enter for throw. It’s purely an electrical flaw, but if you built an arcade-style controller with keyboard keys for the directional inputs, that flaw wouldn’t exist. You could replace all the buttons with keys if you wanted to, and it actually wouldn’t be bad at all. I’d highly recommend keeping a stick in the board as well, however, as 720 motions are a fucking nightmare on the keyboard.

One interesting method that I was screwing around with (which probably would’ve been much easier if I had spent less time playing ZSNES as a kid), was using Spacebar for UP. That way I could bypass the finger-movement problem with Gief’s super/ultra and just roll my fingers in sequence twice really fast. It didn’t do it for me, but with practice I bet it could do wonders. (It’s like having a separate “Jump” button.)

As another note, if you have a problem performing high jump and cancels on the keyboard, you’re just not skilled enough with it yet. I perform them with ease. Ryu/Sagat SRK>FADC>Ultra too.


Thanks for the tips! They work great [I still have problems with Guile/Vega though]

Hope there’s a shortcut for 720, Maybe now I could finally do FAB on my keyboard :stuck_out_tongue:


Aquashark , isnt there any shortcut for cammy’s hooligan? its a 180 but turned



Oh, I think there’s a shortcut to a QCB. Tried in Fei Long’s trial to do his Flaming kick [iirc] and it did his leap instead [What Cammyownz pretty much said]. I only used B,DB,D as the movements keys when I did this.


Yes and no. I know of the phenomenon that you speak of but it shouldnt hinder your game if you have your attack keys on the numberpad. Either that or it’s an issue that varies based on what motherboard you use.

You can test it quite easily. Again, I dont know if this issue is only for certain motherboards but it would be interesting if your results varied. Hold down 3+ keys and see if you get a beep after a second. For me, ‘a’ ‘s’ ‘d’ works, as does ‘a’ ‘w’ ‘d’. But ‘a’ ‘s’ ‘w’ does not work and i get a nice loud motherboard beep after a second, same with ‘w’ ‘s’ ‘d’, which means the interrupt buffer is overflowing.

Now try holding down numpad 789. You shouldnt get a beep. Same with 456. Now hold down an asdw combination that works and a numpad combination that works. I used ‘a’ ‘s’ ‘d’ and 789 as a test. All six keys down and you should not get a beep.

If this is all consistent with your observations then you can go one step further and hit any 2key wasd combination plus numpad 789 or 456 and you should not hear the overflow beep, signifying that it does not interfere with any move.


All are wrong. Joypad ftw!!