PC: lag compensation?

(I’m only familiar with the PC version, though this question may apply to others as well)

Does anyone have any tips for dealing with lag? It might be that my connection is really terrible (thanks comcast) but I find that when I play online I’m like totally crippled. I can’t hit confirm anything, my bnb’s always whiff, and I will frequently be blocking and the game simply won’t register it. Like, I’m standing, holding back, and get hit by hadoukens. I can’t do anything on wakeup because the input never registers. I know it’s not my stick because it works fine single player, and I know my execution is far beyond how it comes out during online play. Frankly it seems completely pointless to play online because nothing works as it should.

So having said that, does anyone else have these problems? Do you have any advice on how to deal with it, besides punishing everything with a sweep?

forget “dealing” with it, too much input delay destroys the purpose of the game. just play 4 or 5 bar connections. sometimes 3, but be prepared for a bit more input delay. unfortunately the game doesn’t accomodate long distance play very well, but I seem to be able to find a good enough number of 4 or 5 bar connection players right now whenever i host a lobby

Definitely stick to 4 bar and up matches only. It’s the only way to not go crazy playing this game online.

yeah my friend also has a comcast connection so we can only do our player matches during certain times of the day, the rest of the time he gets 1-2 bar connections with me =\

i only play 3 bars and up, somtimes in championship mode they have 1 bar but its really 5 bars, i dont really know why. i never play people with other language setting.

there are some games where thers no lag that it seems so fast like hyperfast, im like whoa i kinda like this, and there are other games where its ok medium lag, like bareable.

If you can consistently play offline, and take your offline play seriously, I’d honestly avoid online play. Even in ideal circumstances, lag issues make it almost a different game, and most matches are far from ideal.

But otherwise I’d recommend:
-4+ bars only
-host rooms yourself (it takes minimal upstream)
-filter out (I misuse GFWL player reports for this, as it’s the only automated way to avoid people you want to avoid) deceptive laggers; this is where all the people with 5-bar connections who still lag like hell go
-better yet, don’t queue randomly but collect gamertags and play with people with whom you have minimal lag
-obvious stuff: try to keep your connection clear when you’re playing / fixed framerate on / even then, try to use settings that give you at least 60fps on variable to avoid dropped frames