PC leveling

So I got SF4 for the PC so I can record matches and post them on SRK, but there is a major problem. My ranking started at 0 and there is no-one to fight. The only people I can fight are from France/China/The Moon and the connection is so bad its hard to even link jabs. Has anyone else had this problem with the PC version? Will I get a larger pool of ppl to fight at higher levels? Is suicide my only option?

Your best bet is going to be finding people who you can friend and play with regularly. Also, you can download steam if you didn’t purchase the game on steam already and join SF4 groups, like ‘Fighting Street’, ‘Fightan Gaems’, and ‘SF4 US & CANADA’. By joining groups you can communicate with other people who play on the PC.

The scene isn’t huge, and that’s why you have problems in CM or w/e finding people. That doesn’t, however, mean that it’s completely dead.

Feel free to join this group of ours that I mod.

There is the active list so far to date.

Usually I just start playing normal game and i get challenged alot.

you can pop in on the vent in my sig

oh cool. Cuz i’ve been having the same problem as well. Zangief finally loves the keyboard!!!