PC magic Box


i’ve found a PC Magic Box for sale on the net, and was wondering if anyone has tried it for the PS3?

in particular i’m trying it for sega saturn pads, and saturn virtua sticks…



According to this guy:


*For those who might have one laying around, the PC Magic Box works with the PS3. Granted the start button does not work, so no pausing, unless you disconnect the magic box from the PS3. You’ll need to do this to configure your training mode options.

From my experience thus far, you’ll need to swap light punch & kick for medium punch & kick positions, then you’re all set.

I have 3 boxes, and 4 Saturn controllers. So far they all work.

Using this as an alternative you can avoid the price gouging of the Mad Catz gamepads. You could also get a Saturn USB pad, but if you have a Magic Box laying around, might as well use it IMO.*