PC Mod - Vanilla SFIV arcade sound effects

I had a couple of folks ask me to share this with them recently, so I figured I’d give it a public release if you’re into this kind of thing.

Short version: This mod replaces key sound effects for SSFIV:AE (PC only) with the meatier effects from the vanilla SFIV arcade release.

Download link:

http://bayfiles.net/file/TRSx/fKuySW/SSFIVAE2012_Arcade_Effects_v1.0.zip (8Mb)

Long version: (from the Readme.txt):

(Version 1.1)


A sound pack replacement for the PC version of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcace Edition that reinstates the meatier/better sound effects found in the vanilla SFIV arcade version of the game.

Changed effects are:

  • Blocking sounds for normals and specials
  • Blocking sound for Vega’s clawed attacks
  • Projectile impact effect
  • Projectile on projectile collision effect


  • Impact effects for all normals (having trouble normalising the volume to something acceptable) as the arcade sounds for these effects differ also
  • Impact effect for all flame effects (Viper’s burn kick, Ken’s HP SRK)


Because I found it disappointing that the console and PC releases of the game featured such lacklustre sound effects compared with the arcade version, specifically the projectile effects and blocking sounds. Stranger still was Capcom claiming there was “no difference.” Try this pack and decide for yourself.


Lumped together by Gamogo. Original effects created by Capcom’s Hideyuki Fukasawa.


Using a copy of the vanilla SFIV’s arcade board data I extracted the key effect samples and merged them into the .CSB pack used by the PC version.

To install:

Assuming you own the Steam version of SFIV and you have it installed on your C: drive, the default data path for this replacement pack is:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\super street fighter iv - arcade edition\resource\battle\sound”

Otherwise, go to the game’s root directory and open the folder:


Within this directory you will see a file named “BTL_CMN.csb” (or just “BTL_CMN” if you do not have file extensions displaying). First, take a backup of this file. i.e. copy and paste it and rename it to “BTL_CMN - Original” or similar. This way if you do not like the modified effects, you can simply re-instate this file to go back to how things were.

Once you have a backup, copy and paste the “BTL_CMN.csb” file included in this archive into this directory and when prompted, choose to overwrite the file that exists. That’s it - start the game and play.

Thank you!!! looking forward to the upcoming updates!