PC Mods


Extreme noob question. Ill try to keep it short. I want to play SFxT , but after seeing the various costume mods I feel like PC is the way to go. I’ve never played a game that way. Assuming all goes well with the purchased game, my question is how exactly (keeping in mind I know Nothing) do I go about installing the mods? Basically I want the Cammy, Lili bikinis etc. and the balanced ass. Oh and Alisa. What is the best way to do this? I’m not interested in altering the movesets. I’m sorry if this is an annoying question. I bought the game on ps3, but the lack of being able to play as the costumes on youtube is bugging me. Thanks!


jsevion ~ I am not trolling, I am legitametly trying to play the game . the only games i own are fighting games and I like the tits…been that way since Blaze from streets of rage etc. pink chun li costume you get the point. I’m searching for info not trying to troll. if my pic is offensive however, i will be glad to change it lol