PC Monitor/Desk vs. HDTV/Sofa


Do you think playing SF4 on a big screen TV far away on a couch will hurt your performance? In an arcade you’re right on top the screen with a bolted down stick which helps you focus as opposed to lounging on a big chair 10ft from the action.

I’m considering hooking my 360 up to my PC monitor (24inch Dell) and bolting the stick down to my desk to recreate the arcade experience instead of playing on my 54’ HDTV with the stick on my lap. I mean,yeah the game will look and sound awesome on the big TV with surround but after that wears off its all about winning the match and not the pretty visuals.

Yeah,I know this topic is scraping the bottom of the barrel but I think we’ve discussed everything there is regarding SF4…


No, there will be no difference at all.

I have been playing 2d fighters on my large tvs for years now and it has never had an adverse affect on my arcade performance. If you are worried about your stick moving around on your lap get that webbing stuff for rugs and put it on your lap under the stick. Or get a nice heavy one that wont move.

But yeah, you go ahead and just play on the small screen. No worries.


It’s nice to have a desk to rest your stick on (the height is perfect, much better than your lap or a coffee table), but that’s about it.

It’s not really that big a deal. Might be better off just putting that massive HDTV to use.


xbox360 -> vga -> monitor @ 1680x1050
dont own a tv … poor student :sad:

just be sure the tv wont lag … else should be fine


I have my Xbox hooked into my computer’s monitor, and my roommate has his Xbox on the 50" screen. I will play by myself on my monitor just to not take up the TV, but for 2 player you better believe its happening on the huge screen.


yeah if you want to play it with another one dont do play on a 24"

played on a 20" tv or so with 4 persons on a n64 … man no comment


Well, if you plan to get into the competitive scene, it doesn’t really matter whether it’s the tv or monitor as long as it’s on a VGA connection. Personally I’ll be playing on my monitor via VGA, it’s a nice 24.5" full 1080p monitor, plus i will be able to focus a lot more sitting up and the stick on the desk.

The reason for VGA is that it has the least lag out of all other inputs. This becomes crucial at high lvl competition. The good thing for myself is that I have my 50" Plasma hooked up to my PC through a HDMI-DVI cable, so once SFIV on PC comes out I’ll be able to run it on the big plasma (not as low lag as VGA but still minimum) when friends come over.


I used to play 4 player ps3/360 games on my 10" tv with my friends when I was in college. To think that would be my set up for sf4 if I were still in school. 10" 480i mono sound sf4 experience! woot!


22" with HDMI inputs on a sturdy desk.


Hmm what do you need to hook up you 360 to your laptop, a vga cable is all?

How is the lag?

That looks like my only option for playing in HD.


That will only work if your laptop LCD has a direct video input, otherwise a tv tuner/capture card would be needed and I believe that involves encoding video trough it which will probably add lag. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.


I just got a vga cable today actually, so I guess I can answer some questions first hand.

If you have a nice pc monitor, they usually come with two standard inputs, VGA and DVI. If you aren’t using the DVI input with your computer you can get an HDMI to DVI cord for under 10 dollars and have a digital connection to your monitor, to get sound you’d have to either buy one of the MS brand HDMI cords, or just break the shell of the component/composite cord, so it doesn’t block the HDMI port, and just plug in the stereo into your sound system.

I’m using the VGA input on my monitor, it looks pretty good. Not as sharp as I’d want it but i can’t really complain, it looks smooth. I’m running it at 1920x1080 resolution, even though my 22" samsung monitor only has a max resolution of 1680x1050. I guess it downscaled and works for me. With 1680x1050 it has thing black bars on the bottom and top of the screen, but using 1080p to downscale solved that problem for me.

Feels a lot like a personal arcade setup, just need a new stick table :(. I loved my setup with my SDTV though.


yeah … im using the official ms vga cable … and it should work with your laptop … the problem may be the sound … but if you have linein or micin this wont be to much of a problem … because i dont own speakers with linein so i have to hook up the sound with my pc so my pc have to run if i want sound :sweat:

vga shouldnt have post processing so it should be lagfree on a newer lcd


I don’t know of a Dell monitor that large that has any decent specs when it comes to processing lag for the display. fpw2408 is showing ~60ms in tests posted on more than one hardware review site.

So if you can deal with a few frames of lag on your input, you’ll be ok. Look into the BenQ 24 and also some samsung monitors of that size good for gaming.

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My monitor doesn’t have input lag when connected through DVI.


One of my friends has an plasma setup we play on. It’s super nice, but I’ll wait for the PC version since I’m a bum with no plasma.


I always play with a tv, just feels alot more comfrontable and easier to play on then on my computer.


Right now my monitor is a 42" HDTV but I’m replacing it with 24" monitor 'cuz sitting less than 2 ft. from an HDTV and playing 360 isn’t so great. The monitor will be a lot better for gaming at this distance. I have no friends so I don’t mind the downshift in size.


hah, that’s pretty rad. i’ve done that too, it’s ridiculous. and hilarious.

but yeah, it’s all preference. friend o’ mine prefers to play on his feet. me?..i say the hell with that. gamin’ is best done on a la-z-boy sofa.

television or monitor. big or small, it’s still awesome. that’s what she said.


Yup xb360 with VGA into 22" Samsung monitor here. Going to set stick on a mat in front of monitor on the desk and place my quarter on the bottom of my screen. AT my house I always have next!