Pc monitor to xbox/xbox 360 question

so ive heard that there are pc monitor have a connector build in that let you connect your xbox/xbox 360 straight to your monitor, but what im wondering is how are you going to hook up the sound to your pc speaker? im thinking buying be a new monitor that have all the option above, can someone recomend me a good one?

if you are doing this for your xbox buy the x2vga2 http://www.x2vga.com/
The site usually doesn’t haev it in stock but you can find it on ebay. You can connect any console to it while connecting your pci through the second input. This way you don’t have. It is a bit costly though but it is cheaper than most capture cards. If you are getting this for a xbox 360 only and if you don’t mind switching between cables then i suggest buying the xbox 360 vga cable. this connects directly to your computer monitor. You would need to switch between connecting it to your pc and your 360 when you need to switch it but it saves you money from buying an hdtv. The cable lets you run the 360 at whatever resolution your monitor can go up. As for soudn you can connect it to your pc’s sound input(the red hole that is next to the green speaker output hole). Go to sound settings and enable the mic. Put the mic volume up and make sure its not muted. this will allow you to listen through your computer speakers. I hope that made some sense.

so the way you described, i have to turn on my pc also while playing my xbox? arent there any other way i can just power on teh monitor only?

I’m in the same boat as you and was thinking about copping this monitor - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824009094

Along with this cable -

That way, all you do is hook up the HDMI port from the 360 to the monitor and you are good to go. Keep in mind, this is all in theory as I believe that this is what I think will work and haven’t tried any of this. I really have no idea what I would do for sound though.

You know whats freaky I was thinking this exact same thing today, strange indeed.

Anyway I thought you could use any monitor? all you had to do was get some kind of converter, atleast thats what I thought, but i guess not, dunno if I wanna splash out on another monitor.