PC monitors that have been tested with little to no lag

does anyone have a resource or even personal experience with either of these monitors, ASUS 24 inch or I-inc 25 inch?

i tried asking in the noob thread but didnt get a response. figure i would try to see if there was any research for this on here since i cant think of any other website that would test for that.

For $180, why not just get one of the Evo 2k9 monitors? Newegg.com - ASUS VH236H Black 23" 2ms(GTG) HDMI Widescreen Full HD 1080P LCD Monitor 300 cd/m2 20000 :1 (ASCR) Built-in Speakers

This is the one i use
Newegg.com - HP w2207h Black 22" 5ms HDMI Widescreen LCD Monitor DC 3000:1(2000:1)

it might be crazy to think they would have made this mistake but i did hear from quite a few people that the evo monitors did lag. they were probably just salty and blamed that but it also coulda been true. i was also hoping of going minimum 24". worst case scenario i can just use my regular ass TV in my room but i would really love to play on the monitor.

im also starting to find out that any LCD monitor while offering minimal lag will never be lag free. if anyone can shed light on that would appreciate it. im just trying to get my facts straight as im hearing alot of things but cant seem to find hard facts. i feel like the old man from shawshank redemption that got released from the prison. everything is just so new and crazy.

The evo monitor has been tested extensively to be basically lagless. The issue seemed to come from some of the PS3 marvel set ups.

If you want more information, there is a huge thread here about HDTVs/LCD monitors. You should be able to find it in the essentials sticky.

I would appreciate if anyone could give me the link of this big tread about
witch monitor to use. I dont see it in sticky and I am really terrible at using search fonction.

Thx a lot,

I use the same and think it is close to having no lag. I go from my HP w2207h and my SDTV often without any noticible change in lag or feel. I am sure it does lag as do all LCD’s, but it is another possible option for players I think.

I think this is the thread: http://shoryuken.com/f177/new-definitive-hdtv-lag-faq-174085/