PC or PS3?


I use a hitbox that is compatible with both PC and PS3. I have a strong computer (the specs are at the bottom). I have read that online was better on PC than PS3 before GFWL removal, but now it is laggy and there is a lot disconnects. I have also read that finding a match on PS3 takes about 5-10 minutes and is laggy. Pretty much sounds like both options suck, which is sad because I live in Norway and I have not met anyone who plays fighting games seriously. Should I get USFIV for PC, PS3 or none of them?

OS: Windows 7, 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i7-4820K, 3.70GHz
Hard drive size: 921 GB


people who have poor connections whine loudly online that pc is laggy, but that doesn’t mean it lags for everyone on the planet. It’s actually one of those ‘vocal minority’ things. you never really know if you’re going to lag or not until you jump in. plenty of us have never had lag problems on pc.

if you want to try applying/doing some mods I’d say pc. if you just want to play the game then maybe ps3 will probably have a bigger/better playerbase.

maybe get ps3 first just so you can return it if it lags, haha


Thank you for responding. I was worried that no one would care. I will take your advice and buy the PS3 version.


I would say PC. People are complaining that PC is laggy only recently. PS3 been terrible since forever.


It’s like deciding if you want to cut off your left or right ball.


Easy, left ball, of course.


PC is better


I have both versions and it’s an easy choice. Go with pc. Yes, pc online WAS the best with GFWL but it’s still better now and it seems Capcom is working on making it better. Also the comp is better on pc. I’ve always said this but PSN has the worst players in the world imo by far. The game also feels faster on pc and is the closest to arcade perfect. When I play on pc for a while and go back to ps3 it feels like molasses.


The only problem with PC is looking for a compatible fight stick. You’ll be very lucky if you’ll be allowed to test it first before buying especially when there are no refunds. :frowning:



Definitely the left ball.


This too, my stick doesn’t work with SF4 for some reason and only SF4 in PC. I could never get it sorted out so I just gave up. I don’t use pads anymore, otherwise I’d just use that option select and not care.


PC version. ( i own all 3)


PC Version, easily.


PC con is so much better


Go for the PC version. Faster, more stable, prettier, and the netcode will be fixed. Playing any of the console versions feel like shitty ports after playing on PC. (Lol because they actually are; the arcade version runs on PC hardware)

People are overreacting to the current netcode-problems anyways, it’s not bad at all if you’re playing against nearby countries. Also, it will be fixed.


PC. There’s no input lag, the load times are instant, and the netcode is tolerable now, although mostly because the community is a lot of smaller now so there are less unclosed connections pinging you during matches. Hopefully the new update for this month will resolve every thing