PC or Xbox?

So own SSFIV on xbox and have a month of xbox live left, do i pay for the DLC upgrade to get arcade OR do i buy arcade on steam and use my xbox arcade stick on my pc?

The reason i ask is i have been playing SFA3 on PC recently and found the online systm much better (less laggy, being able to see things in a server browser much betterr, able to search internet for guides etc whilst playing) but is the population bigger on PC or Xbox?

So basically are there enough advantages to recommened buying arcade on PC over xbox?


PC is better, XBox has more people.

I got rid of the xbox a few months ago but kept my fightstick. Eventually caved in and bought SSF4 AE for PC just over a week ago. Still a great game but I would switch back to xbox if given the chance. I’m in the UK and it’s harder to find a match. I get more laggy matches now due to broadening my search criteria, and find the average player is a lot worse on PC. I’m sure the PC has some advantages, but I’ve yet to appreciate them.

See this thread

PC has many advantages and the player base continues to grow larger because of them.

cheers for the info guys,

the thing is, this conversation is happening on a computer and online forums almost always favors pc (go figure).

pc has the better experience, but I would say xbox360 has more people and will always have a bigger community, so a year from now you’ll still be able to get regular games

While were at it, which console generally has a bigger player base for fighting games, 360 or PS3?

360 Generally Has better network for online play