PC Partners at night?

At this right hour is anyone here available to play online ?
Beginners 6 months old player like me. Around 3400bp and up to 1500pp
I can’t find good connection in endless and when I create a room only bad connection came in…


You’ll want to post there for your PC matchmaking business. You might want to include exactly which time zone you’re in, otherwise people have no idea what you mean by “at this right hour”

Well “at this right hour” refer to the hour of the post, I won’t give my local hour obviously cause I don’t know who’s gona answer and where they live…
And Sorry for the wrong forum but the one you linked have little to nothing related to any friend/partner request at least on the whole first page. I could be wrong though. Not looking for any technical advice on how to setup my network or anything here ^^

The point is I always need to spend time in Ranked via Arcade mode to find some people with good connection. Usually US/Canada but I saw people from Europe with ok Connection so I let it open. When I find such opponent I invite then in endless. If I start with endless, making a room or joining one, it’s at most yellow connections.

Maybe I can find some partner for the long run here. From 0 to 1200pp as I don’t want to annoy the great masters.