PC port lag....


Is it just me or is there some latency with this port. It seems extremely noticeable. There are weird properties on moves too. Like, with Cody, I buffer criminal upper with his cr.jab. In 360 version, unless the jab hits an opponent, criminal upper does not come out. But in PC version, it comes out like I’m performing a chain.

This is really disappointing… no cognitive dissonance here in my purchase, I fully regret it. Can I get my money back? Can I report this game? God damn it…


For the record, I play the game on the lowest setting for maximum performance and my PC isn’t really the fault here. If anything, my PC is more powerful than 360. There’s something clearly wrong with this game. It feels “heavy” when inputting commands even in training mode


set framerate to fixed, turn off vsync, set prebuffered frames to 0


I don’t know how to set prebuffered frames to 0, but I did turn of vsync and it seemed to have help. The game feels very close to, if not same as 360, thank you.


Yeah right? I don’t know how to do this either. As far as I know there is no solution for this with the new Catalyst Control Panel. I know for sure that older AMD drivers had that option in advanced settings, however it is gone now.

If anyone finds a way to set prerendered frames with Catalyst 12.4 and up please let me know.

Rivatuner, D3DOverrider, ATI Tray Tools and so on don’t work properly under Windows 7. I tried, but I don’t feel any effect in the game.


I hate to say “it’s your problem” but I haven’t heard of any significant lag on the PC version, many people share the (correct) opinion that because it’s a (near straight) port of the 360’s code, the netcode and game are pretty close in gameplay.

What kind of specs does your computer have? What kind of resolution are you running? What are your visual options?
You say it’s not your PC, which I will believe so that leads me to question the controller: do you think there might be some delay with whatever controller you’re using?

I use Cody as my main and I do a c.lk xx Criminal Upper all the time, if the kick doesn’t hit my CU doesn’t come out. I also play on the PS3 version and I’ve done this many times on the Arcade - I can’t say I notice much difference between the three; at least not to the degree you’re professing.