(pc) Possible Macro User?


hey guys, would be nice when you can take a look at the video and the inputs of the dudley player.
i covered his name because i want to be sure that someone cheats before i calling out names.

the reason i think that he use macros is that some of the stuff which he press make no sense, at least not with dudley.

as a example the lp,lp+mp,hp input which he use a lot, would be usefull for ibuki but it makes not much sense for
dudley…as far as i can tell that as a not so experienced player.

dont judge our gameplay :stuck_out_tongue: just care about his inputs :slight_smile:

do you think that he is legit?


that dudley was being controlled by a bot program


finally someone who post his opinion.
thought there will be more comments.

are you sure that he use macros?


I played that guy a while back. He def uses some kind of autoplinking or turbo stuff, that’s why most of his inputs are doubled. Makes linking easier.

Even added me as friend. I took one look at his inputs, unfriended and swore to never play him again.


…do you recognize his playstyle or how do you know who he is?

since you have just one post i have to ask…how experienced with the game are you?


I recognize his inputs and outfit color. Name was sir links a lot or something like that iirc.

Something like 3500pp in AE2012, Ultra ranked is broken so I don’t bother.


dude…dont post his name! there is a reason that i hide it :smiley:
can you please remove it from your post? thx!


There is no reason to hide it as he is clearly cheating.


that might be the case but i still dont like to call out names like that.
it would be nice when you respect my decision to hide his name.




Sir links a lot


This guy use LP~MP, HP for ex , and all normals are being plink-select if I am correct.

100% macro.


Considering he didnt do any thing impressive or even a solid combo, I think he’s just a masher. also, considering how laggy pc is, inputs gets shown like in huge clusters in battlelog replays rather then normal.


Just looks like turbo abuse or heavy double tapping with a side of rare inhuman speed single button mashing…