PC: Problems starting up SSF4 AE


the whole process has been a mess…o_O my computer crashed, so the download took a couple of tries… after it was done, i assumed i would get a icon to open the game but all i have is a “download folder”… so in order to start up the game the “download folder” installs the game… it takes about 3 minutes to work but once it does, i have no idea how to access anything… my saitek game pad & keyboard don’t seem to have any effect on the game itself… i know this sounds kinda nuts but that’s what i’m dealin with fellas… please help…


capcom is aware of keyboard/gamepad not working issues, there’s a patch in the works


Yeah so it sounds like you figured out how to install it and it’s properly installed right? Then neither your controller or keyboard are working in-game?


the only key on the keyboard that seems to do anything at all is the key (next to the "ALT key) with the windows logo on it…

with it, i can open & close the game… that’s it that’s all…


As mentioned Capcom is working on a fix for the controller/keyboard. As for start up, you try doing a complete uninstall of the game, reboot, then reinstall fresh? I’d also try this after a re-download of the install files if possible.

…or whatever is crashing your PC might be the culprit. :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah, i spoke to a capcom rep & he confirmed a patch (maybe available in a week) is in the works… he was also able to help me find the .exe start up icon… hopefully the crash was just random bad luck…

PS i mentioned this thread to the rep & he told me he knew all about SRK… went as far to say he knows coworkers that are members here… thought that was kinda cool…


question… even with the fact my keyboard/saitek controller don’t work… would getting, say a mad catz game pad give me access to the game?? or do i still wait for the patch??