PC problems?

Maybe its just me because I’ve been off the game for so long but it feels like the game is a bit choppy or stuttery (single player/training whatever) I have an A on the benchmark with everything maxed minus aa. Even turn down all the settings doesnt really solve it so i dunno maybe it is me but has anyone experienced this before?

I have but only in windowed mode for some strange reason, full screen works best(60fps no skips) for me. Also if you OC your video card make sure you check its still OC’d

'scuse me, but what’s “OC”?



I want to take advantage of this topic to ask 2 questions.

First, what changing the resolution does?
I mean, from 1280/720 to 1920/1080 i don t see any change…
stage are not bigger either character are same size.
is the quality of the game that is better in higher resolution?
or resolution help to have the game in the native screen resolution?

second question
what the native resolution of sf4 and ssf4 ae?

shouldn t it be the best to play in the native revolution of the game?

thank you if someone can answer that.

and one last small question, witch frame option is the best? fixed variable or smooth?
i would like to have no drop in frame rate to have the game run exactly in same timing as arcade.


Choose “Fixed” for your framerate option, it forces the game to drop frames when necessary in order to maintain smooth 60 FPS gameplay. The resolution of the game should match the native resolution of your monitor. The PC version of SSF4 has no native resolution, only resolutions that it supports. Whatever your desktop resolution is, your game resolution should match it so the visuals are crisp and sharp.

Thanks for your answer
so in fixed framerate with a resolution of 1920/1080( my pc) all in hight , with filtering 16 X i have a score of 5788 with an average fps of 67 frame.

is it ok?

I put everythink in hight except anti aliasing, my frame rate go down to 34 frame as soon as I use anti aliasing even 2X.

should i filter less or put less option to have a better frame rate or is 67 framerate already ok?

Thanks again


As long as you don’t give us further infos of your PC rig, this is a stupid question. How can we know? :smiley:
In general, when running the benchmark, make sure to disable vsync and set framerate to variable.

67 frames in average?
Could be more, I guess. Watch the last part of the benchmark. The part where it flies around the characters (in front of the white background). Usually the frames are the lowest on this part. Aim for 65+ frames there. Otherwise it’s possible that in certain situations you’ll get framedrops from 60 to 30 with vsync on (vsync on is recommended because of tearing).
Decreasing resolution usually gives the best frame buff. Disabling AA, AF, Shadows and backround(stages) is possible, too and gives an extra boost.
the game is made for hardware from 2006. The TAITO X2 arcade board has a sth like a Nvidia 7900 afair.
In the meanwhile, every PC should be able to handle SF4.


I tried with v sinc off and variable frame.
My averagre is 68 frame. with a score of 5800.
my pc is a dell laptop xps 15 with a full hd monitor
i have a I5 m560 2,67 Ghz
6 giga of ram
gt 420 m that I overclock to 660 Mhz
I can go till 680/700 Mhz

what average frame should I aim for?
Preparing SSF4 AE ^^ I want my computer to be ready for it.

For this it’s OK I guess.
I don’t know how good the scaling on your dell works. But try to change your resolution to 1680x1050. Anything between 80-90 fps is good. With this you shouldn’t see a single framedrop beneath 60 fps (even if media player plays .

And please, don’t overclock a laptop. :wink: The small heatsinks in there don’t have reserves that are noteworthy. There’s not much room for increased power consumption caused by OC’ing. Be happy if it handles the summer temps at stock settings… :wink: