PC / PS3 Ken

Do any of you play over different hardware?

A bit confused at the moment. I play frequently between PS3 and PC versions of the game and do a lot of ranked matches.
My current PS3 pp is about 2700 whereas my PC is at 1800pp. Both the same character.

I really struggle to beat anyone over 1000pp on the PC version. I really feel that PC players are a lot better than PS3 players.
What confuses me, as well as surprises is there are far less players on the PC.
Shouldn’t I have more pp on the PC? I honestly thought the level of competition on PS3 would be tougher. A bigger pool to pick from and more less points.

This post probably comes from being saltly and my PC ken sucking bad and I thought I could steam roll pretty high up on the PC when I got that version.

I don’t know, for me PC online seems a little less level than xbox although there are some very good players on PC too.

In PC i have around 3000-3700 PP (usually near 3000 :P) and in xbox i beat players with 2xxx and 3xxx PP so i think the level is more or less the same. I had hard times with 1000PP players and easy times with 3000PP players, PP does not mean anything and sometimes the way that your rival plays makes the difference.

Fighting with better ppl than you makes you better :wink:

Right I know the argument about pp meaning nothing. However my pp difference between platforms is quite big. I can’t work out why I get my hind handed to me on the PC.

Just had two long sessions between the two today and by far the PC competition was the strongest. I absolutely got battered in most of the matches and won less than 30%. I think the area where I’m at is dictating the level of opponents. Usually when you play a 1000pp on the console you get an easy ride almost every time. However at least 4 players I just played against with no higher than 1500pp were really fast and doing footsies, punishing with proper combos etc. No way beginner stuff.

I don’t find it surprising that people who own and use PC’s are more competent than the PS3 crowd. Every moron on the planet has a PS3, but usually people who engage in other forms of tech like that tend to be a bit more intelligent.

The competition is almost the same.
I have the same amount of PP on PC and PSN.

Lianghubbb where are you at? I’m sure some regions are tougher than others.
I’m gong to upload a few vids of different players with no more than 1500pp and you’ll see how good they are. It’s ridiculously different than the ps3.

I am from Europe.

I see. I’m in Japan and I’m thinking that’s the reason why competition is tough.

Lol! Have you ever used a msgboard? Seriously the IQ barrier to PC use is really low man. You’re WAY over generalizing.

I’m in Australia and I’m noticing the exact difference. I just got PC SF4 and the competition is much worse. On PS3 I’m lucky to win 30% of my fights. On PC? I’m hovering at about 70-80%. There’s a few good players but most have just no idea what they’re doing.

I find the competition on PS3 to be really strong. I get very, very few easy matches on PS3.