PC questions


Hello all,
I have SFIV on my ps3, but due to college i am not home hardly at all any more.
I was considering getting it on my laptop, but i had a few questions:

  1. Does the PC version run well? Any significant downfalls as compared to console version?
  2. Getting the Arcade Edition on Steam, does that come with all the characters unlocked?
  3. I hear complaints about games for windows live, but i have no idea what that is, and why it’s a bad thing
  4. Since Ultra is going to get rid of games for windows live, will that affect how much I pay when it releases considering this version is on it?
  5. is it worth having an extra copy?


The PC version is super worth it, and the community just keeps getting bigger and bigger thanks to PC gaming being on the rise for various reasons. ( trends, league/Dota2, long console life cycle, ect)

You will NOT be dissapointed, just be sure your laptop can run it man, it’s an 08/09 game but don’t under estimate it, but still it should not be bad at all, this game is EXTREMLEY well optimized for the PC platform.
Just buy one copy. lol
Ultra is coming in 6 months for PC ( yes a little later than consoles) so you can wait if you want, not sure when PC version is gonna be on sale though… DO NOT buy it for 30 bucks, not worth it.


My laptop can run League, Skullgirls and King of Fighters all at highest settings, so I would hope it can do sf4 fine.
Yeah, i just didn’t know if the whole pay a reduced price for Ultra would be affected by it not being games for windows live.

so is the gfwl a seperate thing i have to buy/download?
and don’t buy what for 30 bucks? sf4 or ultra?


[quote=“klaww, post:3, topic:167403”]

GFWL is a free program you have to download in order to register and run your game. As you know, it is disappearing in months, and once it is eventually removed from the game (through a future patch) you’ll only have to log into Steam to run the game, no more GFWL required.

If you are not in a hurry don’t pay full price for SSF4AE. Wait for a Steam sale instead and get it at 75% discount (though, I’m not sure there’ll be anther one before the Ultra launch).

As you seem to know, when USF4 is released you may buy it as an upgrade for SSF4 rather than paying full price for it.


Amazon has it for 15 bucks. http://www.amazon.com/Super-Street-Fighter-IV-Arcade-Edition/dp/B0058AD0RM/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1392748143&sr=8-3&keywords=super+street+fighter+4+arcade+edition


They said they are working that out “stay tuned” , cause no new player wants to buy AE now on PC if they have to pay full price for Ultra cause they would have no way of seeing that you have purchased AE thanks to GFWL getting shut down. I think they are just going to make the PC version cheaper in general if they have no way to work it out or BETTER give us some more incentives.

  1. The PC version is considered to be as close to the Arcade version as possible and runs very well. The connections you find online are a lot better then the console ones.
  2. Arcade Edition has all of the characters.
  3. Games for windows live sucks but it is suppose to be removed when GFWL is shutdown in June and the online will be moved to Steamworks which will be nice.
  4. Ultra will be $40 standalone with all of the DLC or $15 to upgrade from Arcade Edition to Ultra on all platforms.
  5. I’m not sure what you mean by this question.


30$ is too much ?
Seriously people those days …
A game that quality, long life, solid free updates for the price of a T-Shirt.
I would buy it for 80 and you know you would too.


No video game is worth $80. Sure, I’ve spent about $100 on copies, because I used to run local tournaments and it was handy.

That said, the Amazon link up above is now for $10, not $15.


Yes some are. I have some milk in the fridge and it’s monday.
That said, have a nice day o/


If you read the OP you would see I already OWN the game and was debating if 30 was too much for another copy. free…updates? are you positive about that one?


Updates are not free, but in general, the PC version and its updates tend to be cheaper on Steam than if you buy one of the console version and its updates.


I paid that much for my SNES SF II back in 93-94


I had almost the same questions a few weeks back, here’s what I found.

  1. As far as I found, there are a few differences between the PC and XBOX version but most probably they will go unnoticed unless you are a very dedicated player, if you had just played in the PS3 version you will notice that this version responds “faster” to your inputs, it will take you a few minutes to adapt.
  2. It doesn’t, you have to pay an extra $15 if you want them all, or pick packages of ~$4 to get the costumes for a few chars.
  3. It is bad but it is being removed and replaced with Steamworks, for now we have to deal with it
  4. No, if you buy the current version you will just have to pay $15 for the upgrade no matter what
  5. Totally worth it, I have the PS3 version too and haven’t touched that since I got this one, community is much better on PC and a lot of good players practice regularly on it.


I’ve already gotten it and enjoy it. but probably the best responses I’ve gotten. thanks :slight_smile:
as for number 4, I was moreso inquiring, if since Ultra won’t be on gfwl if we will have to pay for a brand new $40 Ultra or it will let us upgrade for $15.


I wanna know this too.

Maybe Amazon will give me a voucher? I hope…


If you have no other choices to buy the game $80 you would buy it without hesitation.
Back in the 90s we all bought x copies of SF2 at this price.
Of course i would not buy a game $80 just for casual gaming, but man, if you re on this forum you’re not a SF newbie


AE2012 isn’t an update ? I bought AE, some day it turned into AE2012 without asking a $. But yeah that’s not “every” update = free I agree.