PC: Random Freezes for Seconds during Matches AND Replays

Hi there.

I’ve got some random freezes during matches AND during watching replays (wtf?). When the freeze is over, I can continue playing as usual. Because of that freeze, the connection rating for me decreases from green to yellow or even red. I got kicked many times because of those freezes/lag spikes.

Sometimes the game freezes on load (will just not load at all - black screen even before that Capcom screen) - but I guess that’s another problem.

I have got a 12.000kbit DSL connection with interleaving disabled, Core2Duo 6600 CPU, 2 GB Memory and a GeForce GTX 560Ti (newest driver of cause) with 1 GB Memory. I’ve got 100+ FPS in the multiplayer test.

My home switched last month, so I guess the internet connection cannot be the reason - but it’s the same provider.

I cannot remember having freezes during offline play, but I will observe and then report here.

Does anyone have had random freezes/lag spikes during play and watching replays too and finally got rid of it?

I don’t know what to do. I cannot remember other 3D games to freeze.

If its lagging during replays then its a problem with your computer. I had this problem a while ago. One of your drivers is most likely acting up.

Download dpc latency checker, disable all your drivers, then enable them one by one to see whats causing the freezes.

nope thats not it… it’s ghosts!

What do you mean with “disable all your drivers” - reinstall windows? Which driver could be the reason if not the display driver?

I probably just worded that wrong. What I meant was disable all non-essential drivers. Things like audio or webcam drivers.

I’d disable antivirus too just for troubleshooting.