PC Release Same Day as PS4?

Been looking around to see if there’s any word on if the PC release is the same day as PS4’s. For what it’s worth, Steam store page just says, “2016” while Amazon, Gamestop and Best Buy say 3/31/16 which pretty much aligns with Spring 2016.

Just going off that, it would seem PC is coming at a later date, however since the beta for PC is only shortly after PS4’s, maybe it’ll be ready in time for a same day release?

EDIT: Well what a coincidence.


As of right now, all arrows are pointing to simultaneous launches for PC and PS4. I and especially pleased to hear the the PC version is being developed in-house side by side with the PS4 version. Capcom really stepped up to the plate when it came to fixing the PC port of SF4. Things are looking good right now

Looking really good I concur. For the first time in my gaming history (excluding arcade play), I would not be playing Street Figther on a console

Another good sign, but no confirmation quite yet!