PC retail clarification?


Hey guys.

The PC DVD version of usf4 is just £15 on Amazon.co.UK and since I don’t own AE it seems like the best/cheapest way to get ultra for the PC
However every website seems to have conflicting information about it. Can anyone answer the following?

  1. AFAIK there’s no disc based upgrade version (game.co.uk claim their DVD version requires ssf4 or ae despite them charging £15 for it which is way more than the rrp of the digital upgrade - is that just game being idiots as usual?)
  2. I’m pretty sure it comes with all the costumes but I’ve seen several news reports that only list the console full releases as having that. Anyone know?
  3. The 5 preorder costumes are with ‘selected retailers’ but I can’t find a list anywhere and none of the uk retailers mention them. Is Amazon.co.uk included?
  4. It must be a steamworks game. Does it fully integrate with steam? I.e can I install anywhere with a net connection and my account or will I always need the DVD and be limited to 1 machine etc?

Cheers if you know any of the answers. I can’t be the only one wondering this stuff!


P.s Sorry if this has been asked before.


There is no retail dvd version of USF4. Only digital steam versions for pc full or upgrade. The pc full version comes with all costumes minus the new character pack which is an exclusive amazon pre-order bonus. You can also log into any computer on your steam account and play it (provided you DL the game to that system)


all outlets (greenmangaming and steam for sure) will give the new character skins if your preoder any version, upgrade of full. as mentioned before, ALL outlets will only give a steam code. so hopefully your favorite outlet has some sale going on at the right time for you


Often Europe gets DVD/disc versions of digital only games in the USA. For example, Lords of Shadow and Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition both got releases in Europe on disc where as we never saw them. I wouldn’t be surprised if Europe got a USF4 disc with everything on it like the console counterparts. I’ll probably end up importing it if this is the case.

AE also got a disc release here in the USA. It would surprise me if there was no disc version at all of the PC edition of USF4.

In this case, sometimes retailers list the requirements for the digital version and the disc version is a real disc version. Sometimes.

No mention of requiring AE and it says DVD in a box.


But the game is only on Steam and buying it on Steam is just AE+Ultra DLC there is no “Ultra SF4” entry.