PC: Rose Model / Skin moddication help

Hey guys, not to congest the PC Skins thread (named "PC:PS3 Madcatz TE USB Card" for some unknown reason), I thought I’d just start another thread in getting the ball rolling on modifying Rose’s Alternate 2 costume (ROS_03 files)

I’m sure I will be returning to this thread with more questions when I get to more advanced changes to the costume but for now I’ll just do it step by step.

1st off I’d like to take the hair model from Kraga Phan’s awesome “Wu The Lotus Blossum” model:


And place it into Rose’s Alternate 2 (ROS_03.obj.emo) model:


So I’m currently up to this step in sensibeat’s tutorial : SF4 Modding: sensibeat’s Tutorials

What do I do here as it’s not a straight swap, as “(eyefar3)” is “(eyefar1) (eyefar3)”… I think…

Thanks for your time guys

Why exactly would you not just post it in the existing modding thread?

I think he did already…?