PC Rufus Gameplay Mod



http://www.filedropper.com/rufusversion10 Simply unzip this file into your “super street fighter iv - arcade edition\patch_1_06\battle\regulation\latest_ae\CHB” to use it (make sure to back up your original files!)<br><br>Thought I’d post this here and get some feedback. This is NOT intended to be a “balance” patch. It is part of a whole gameplay tweaking mod that adds new moves and/or new uses for existing moves. I’ve already done Cody, most of M. Bison/Juri/Makoto are complete I thought I’d post what I’ve done for Rufus to see what you think. Rufus is unfortunately a fairly straight forward character and one without much history as he has only been in SF4 and SFxT so far thus his changes are less unique / extensive as say Cody or Makoto who have history I can draw on for inspiration. <br><br>5MK (Close) Damage increased from 3050 to 4050<br>5LP (Far) Damage increased from 20 to 30<br>5MK (Far) Hitbox active frames increased from 3F to 4F recovery reduced by 1F<br>Maximum distance for close 5LK to come out reduced from 1.4 to 1.3 (this means you need to be about 3/4ths of one of the small training blocks closer to get a close 5LK not a major change but def a nerf to his tic throws)<br>6HP startup reduced from 19F to 16F Juggle potential increased from 0 to 1 (front hitbox only) Now possible to do far HK - 6HP - 6HP - Ultra 1 for 548 damage in the corner meterless!<br>6MK Recovery reduced by 2F damage increased to 65, stun increased to 90 juggle potential increased from 0 to 1 (causes air reset) hitbox width increased by 15%<br>2MK Active frames increased from 1F to 3F (total frame count increased as well making move -5F on block -2F on hit) hitbox moved farther from Rufus to increase range. Damage increased from 70 to 75<br>9MK Hurtbox reduced in width and height (slightly) hitbox also increased in width and height (slightly) and moved towards the center should be a significantly better crossup now. Active frames increased from 5 to 7F<br>9HK Damage distribution changed from 5040 to 3060. You can now cancel the first hit into Rufus’s Falcon Kick (on hit only, not on block). The first hit of 9HK is a free juggle state and thus you can now do things like 9HK - Falcon Kick (whiff) - sweep to set up Rufus’ mixup game. Or do 9HK - Falcon Kick (hit) to cause an air reset and a left right blocking mixup when they hit the ground.<br><br>Focus Attack hitbox reach increased by 11% damage reduced to 60/90/150 (Same as Sagat/Seth) hitbox now reaches slightly past his toes now<br>Cancel window for Messiah Kick followups shortened by 5F<br>MK Messiah Kick followup startup reduced by 3F damage increased from 80 to 90 and stun increased from 100 to 125 (still does not combo after a messiah kick but there is a smaller window now to get hit out of it)<br>Galactic Tornado now builds 25 meter on whiff (up from 20)<br><br>I might give him another target combo (Thinking far MP to far HP, obviously with reduced damage/stun) but for now this is what I’ve done<br>