PC Ryu practice partner wanted



Hey guys I’m a Rose player who is absolutely garbage at the Ryu match up. I’m looking for someone to do a couple of FT 10’s a few times a week. I’m on the west coast, socal specifically, and I’m usually on around 7 pm and no later than 11, gotta keep up the day job. Anyway please let me know I’m really in need of practice in this match up.


add me, meenyKO…i’m east coast but i get pretty good connection to cali, i play my friends alot from there and its not an issue (most of the time)


I have played you a few times before on pc. You sent me a message last week a matter of fact.

sangara, you can ad me too. My live tag is in my sig.


were you the ryu I sent a message saying you’ve gotten alot better? and add me too if you want I love playing ryu vs ryu =)




In in Los Angeles add me CrossUpTatsu


I would love to help. Plus I get rose experience. GT: Mundaney


i’m down, cosmosgenesis. i’m usually on anywhere from 2 till 9, est.