PC Sagat Players



I searched and could not find a thread where PC players could unite and train together. I am interested in playing as many different people as possible. My gamertag is Mundaney and I used to play Dudley. I just started playing Sagat exclusively and am doing fairly well with him. I will also be doing videos on my Youtube channel with me playing Sagat. If anyone is interested I could also compile a matchup video (I’m in Film school so I have access to really good editing software). I hope to play some of you all soon.


I play Sagat on PC. Started recently.


What’s your gamertag?


add me, meenyKO, i can play sagat and a few others but I just started sticking with sagat too




I am a mediocre Sagat player at PC but I have not an original serial key for SSFIVAE, only for normal SFIV.





GFWL id: chickenlegs90

I’m a mediocre player as well looking to improve in all matchups with my Sagat.


hit me up on PC. GT = Biren21811


add me my name games for windows tag is getpoodonkid


Deluster on PC, I am learning sagat, but play a few characters. Looking to really train down and pick 1, but I am testing a few out. thanks!