PC "Same Skill" Issue

Sorry if this has been posted before. I took a quick read through the AE PC threads and didn’t see anything about this.

I have about 1700PP on the PC version, and this is a number that changes constantly. But-

When I choose to accept challenges during arcade mode and choose “same skill” for challenges, it seems to never work. I have yet to play anyone with more than 500 PP and maybe 2000 BP (that might be a stretch, too) and it’s starting to get kind of annoying. I’d simply go to the ranked matches and search for same skill myself, but I always have that “unable to join session” error.

Is anyone else having an issue with this? It seems that if I pick “Any Skill” I either get stomped out by someone with 3k+ PP or I’ll play someone with double 0’s.

Yeah I’ve had a similar experience, I’ll often play people far in excess of my own points when set to ‘same skill’. I don’t think their rank system is that great so I just don’t bother to configure it any longer and just play whoever.