PC - Seeking Juri 'Teacher'

Hello Shoryuken community,

Let me introduce myself a little bit,
My name is Shinymarble (Would it be my real name? ^^)
I haven’t been in the SF-Series for long… heck, you can say I’m a complete stranger.
I currently reside in Europe - West with a good internet connection to US-West aswell.

I’ve been lurking the Shoryuken Live stream for a while now and I finally got my copy of AE for the PC a few days ago and worked out the problems I’ve had with it.

I’ve decided to pick juri as my main since I really like her playstyle and oppertunities.
As any newcomer to the street fighter series, I’m a noob, a newbie, someone you can kick his ass with 2 fingers up your nose.
I’ve played a few rounds as juri,unlocked all her colours etc. and found 1 other juri player so far.

What I’m looking for right now, I hope it’s possible, is someone (or multiple people) who are willing to guide me through the process of maining juri and becoming a better player.

I hope we can also get a nice PC-Juri Community going.


Isn’t anyone offering their services for my sake? :3


Unfortunately I don’t think you’re going to find too many pc Juri players. As it is finding them on ps3 and 360 is rare. Nevertheless, we can all guide you and help you here. Upload play footage in the video thread. We can critique and help you.

Thanks for your reply.

It is true that they are rare, especially very good ones.
I tried searching for the Video Thread, but could not find it.
A link might help me.
I’ll start recording footage right away.


All useful threads are stickied at the top of the forum. Combos, Q&A, videos, etc.

And the Juri tutorial guide, which is no longer stickied…

The video is currently uploading to YouTube.
I might post it here if that is ok and recommended, because that video thread is long.
What would be recommended?

More people will see it in the video thread, hence more people can help you. Plus, it is more organized if it goes there.

Just practice man…keep your nose buried in the how to threads in this forum.

do your homework on 2D fighting games (dunno how familar you are with other games) and SF period…not just how to execute with Juri…

and yea, up your vids so people can I.D your mistakes.

Moved to: Purple Eyes Only: Juri Video Thread (Updated: 9-28-10)

Video is marked private, and like I said, best to post it here: Purple Eyes Only: Juri Video Thread (Updated: 9-28-10)

I would, but I don’t even know if I qualify considering I’m not very technical. I play her very simply in comparison to most Juris I see in videos.

I’d say it’s fine to post newer stuff there. Just be ready for comments and critique, since you did/will post it in the said video thread. Seeing you in action is the easiest way to see what’s right/wrong and help you improve.

Indeed, people do give critique, but I believe that’s the entire point of uploading video’s to that thread.

Hope you don’t mind me answering your questions here as there might be other people who could benefit:

First of all, watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FNQreVzXko

I’m glad you understand that Dive Kicks and Pinwheels are special moves only to be used in certain situations. Dive Kicks – generally – are to be used to punish bad pokes or careless fireballs. Senpusha (Pinwheel) for combo finishers, or a counter-poke punisher.

Here’s another video that will teach you about zoning; pay special attention to the fireball zoning section:

(feel free to watch all 5 as I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt.)

There’re a few things of course that you have to substitute: Juri’s best anti-air is c.MP. Against certain characters (and some certain situations) c.HP is better, or cl.HP/s.MK. (for those ranges, review the first video’s poke section.)

Generally, against people you don’t know, it’s a good idea to play as solid as possible while spending as much time in round 1 learning your opponent’s tendencies. Where they like to mash, if they like to jump spam, if they do certain predictable strings over and over, if they like to spam crouch tech or mash jab~ Everything you learn in round 1 and the rounds following should help you develop a game plan to adapt against that specific person.

^That’s pretty much it for an intro. Let me know if I’ve addressed your concerns and if there’s anything I can help you with~

Contact sadhusatana on steam. You have a PC Juri teacher/player waiting.

Love you.
Adding now.
Ramma, you never dissappoint… :3

Offline now.
Last online: 4 hours ago.
We’ll see when he bumps up to Online.
Working on certain combo’s now.
such as;

cr. LK > cr. LK xx M Senpusha
cr. LK > cr. LK > cr. LK xx M Senpusha
cr.MK xx LK Fuhajin, cr.HK
cr.MK xx LK Fuhajin, cr.MK xx HK Senpusha
cr.HP/cr.MK xx HK Senpusha

EX Shikusen, EX Senpusha
EX Shikusen, U2

If air:
j. MP land cl. HP xx L/Ex Senpusha

Was talking on WLM with Dr. Grammar (Hope I spelt his name well ;3 )

With j MP, if u catch them high enough u can do a second j MP before st HP.

Same can be said with j MP into ultra 2.

But I had the perfect oppertunities yesterday.
Someone missed a srk. and I was pretty close
What I did was I waited and just cr. MK xx HK Pinwheel
Didn’t had a fuhajin stored.

Silly me =[