PC SF AE problem with stick


Not sure its the right forum but I figured this is a newbie question so I just post it here.

So I got AE for PC and consoles but unlike for consoles I’m not able to unassign the triple punch/kick button, on the consoles you can just scroll left until its an empty button, but on PC you have to press the button when its highlighted and as far as I know there isnt an option to remove the button.

So I was wondering if someone here knows how to unassign a button, I want the triple punch/kick buttons to be empty because I dont use them any way and I keep pressing them by accident


Yeah I ran into this same stuff, the only way I found was to reset the entire bindings, just wipe them all out, and only bind the ones you want to bind.
Kind of dumb :frowning:


ah ok, how do you do that though? cause I wasnt really sure where to find teh config file on my pc.


You do it inside the button settings. It says which button to press for default.


weird, Ive tried this a few times actually and nothing changed afaik but maybe i didnt do it right guess I"ll try again


I will have to check the config menu myself but I thought there was a button while setting your keys that just says “reset bindings” or something to that effect.


yeah thats the thing if I let it set to default, it actually goes back to add triple punch I think it might be because I downloaded a torrented version first to test if my arcade stick was working before buying it on steam, then the bindings got transfered over somehow and made it the default layout for my paid version.