PC SF4 players unite!

Hey there northwest players, I am making this thread out of pure rage. I fear that if I don’t play local players I am going to kill someone or myself. So, if you have the PC version of SF4 please post your GFWL so we can all play each other and not commit suicide.

Just post in a simple format like:

Name: Dylan
GFWL: tnaived
AIM/MSN: ray_bob24@hotmail.com

Name: Scott
GFWL: Armbot
AIM/MSN: kocher_15@hotmail.com

Name: Chris M
Aim/MSN: CMas123456@msn.com / MysticShadow1453

Notes: I mainly play on XBL but will occasionally get on GFWL

Name: Danny
GFWL: FuriousJodo

I play on both XBL and GFWL (PS3 occasionally too), but late at night I will almost always be on GFWL because that’s when I am on my laptop.

Its hard to find optimal connections, so here’s my info

Name: Jeff
GFWL: Skimit

I’m in BC, so Northwest, I have good connection and can host.

GFWL: Tsunamiken