PC SFF4 AE Information

hi, i want to buy SSF4AE for pc altough i have a few questions before i do
is the pc community big and active enough? will i be able to find matches etc. ? and how about lag? im in central europe

is it worth buying now? or is there any new SF game coming out soon and everyone will move on that?

so simply… is it worht buying SSF4AE on PC now? i dont have a console…
thank you

PC player skill levels seem to range from mostly low-mid quality, not much in the way of high quality players on PC sadly.
I can’t go a single round in a fight in arcade mode without being challenged.
It is certainly worth getting now and PC will be getting the new balance changes for AE Upper (AE 2012) just after consoles get it.

I personally feel its VERY worth owning on PC. I also do not own a current console.

Others may give a better opinion then me however as I consider myself a VERY low quality player.

If you don’t have a console, absolutely. I don’t see a reason why not.

Finding matches in Europe is easy, lag is…well, in my case it’s pretty much lagless. Fought people from Germany, UK, Spain, Italy, Norway…even as far as the US - yes, that was actually playable, would you believe that? ;D

FYI You can just turn off “Fight Requests” in arcade mode preventing people from bothering you.

I know I can turn it off, but I like getting challenged whilst playing through arcade mode to warm up :wink:

and also i forgot to mention the other thing… my connection isnt really the best… ive been plying other games online without much problems but will this be enough?


Should be fine as long as you get around 100+ fps in the SF4 benchmark and choose to JOIN matches rather than host them (with a low upload rate you don’t want to host matches, always search for games that other people are hosting.)

ye i would not host matches… but i can only get 100+ fps when i turn stage quality to low which like turns the stage off… normally i get around 75 fps… i tought thats ok … consoles run on 60 dont they?

Consoles run 60fps CONSTANT. 75-80FPS might be ok, turn some stuff down if you need to, it is good to give yourself some leeway in case of a hiccup in your system like an app starts running in the background or something.

well i already turned everything down to get those 80FPS apart from stage… only thing i could turn down more is resolution… or stage but playing with a blue backround instead of nice level looks really ugly

check out the PC custom skin mod page, modders are making super simple(but still real nice) picture stage mods that dont use your PC resources - you should use them! I dont think he released them yet, I think his name is doshu.

Yea buy it, there’s about 30000 people on the online leaderboards at the moment (well people on 0 bp are tied 30,000) but there’s lots of people to play with, i’m in ireland and play with people all over the place, have steady connection to a guy in south korea…that’s like 13000 km away

Yea I agree, it has been growing every day, lots players to play with now and they are better skill too. Just add your friends list up and you will never have issues. Def worth a buy for PC.