PC SFXT - Recommending Competition


This thread will follow the same template as the successful AE PC one also found on SRK

Keep it classy, no bashing etc, you can read the rules there - in a nutshell - PLEASE KEEP POSTS FOR POSITIVE COMMENTS AND PLAYER RECOMMENDATIONS. Anything else should and will probably be ignored. This is a sodium free and heart healthy thread.**

To be on the list it is preferred you are recommended by:
another player.
I will rebuild, re-post and add players here and edit this list as we go.

Now Lets get some GGs and competition going in SFxT PC!


  • = indicates a self-added player(not recommended by another player)

DANPUN - Jin/Kaz
Mouhappai - Chun-Li/Julia
yagami777 - Xiaoyu/Cammy

Nil Victor - Kaz/Heihachi
StunneR1111 - Ogre/Ryu

Sonic2k1 - Juri/Ken

Dreamz00 - ?
Kewdzo - ?
*Jokyu - Hwoarang/Jin
Lordvonmogar - Guile/Paul
Oyal - Xiaoyu/Ken
Ragerunner05 - Jin/Heihachi
Schuhu93 - Ibuki/Hwoarang
Tekkenizam - Law/Paul
Tytanomachia - ?

CrimsonChild13 - Juri/Hugo

*Butterscaster - Chun/Ken
CryonicCleric0 - Jin/Asuka
Exacuss1 - Julia/Xiaoyu
Fishy Politics - Chun/Cammy
Fivz - Juri/Asuka
GIG4LS - Bison/Hwoarang
GuidedJuggler52 - Juri/Lili
*jbarbarian - Jin/King
LordWilliam1234 - Ken/Heihachi
*LSlick - Juri/Asuka
Mushicobob - Hugo/Poison
NegativeEdge - Vega/Guile
ScrubStyles - Dhalsim/Chun
Shaniril - Juri/Asuka
xXCRIPPLERXx - Guile/Zangief

  • = indicates a self-added player(not recommended by another player)

**The goal here is to build/expand the PC community by providing a list of possible friends you can add you your own friend list.
Not all players may be great and not all may be great sports, that is for you to decide after playing them.

PC Community with a bit of salt
2012 AE PC -- Recommending Competition
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2012 AE PC -- Recommending Competition


The game is newer so we arent going to be so focused on “only the best” players, but then again, we dont want total noobs either, try to keep it to players who have beaten you at least a couple times in a row, are good at tag ins(decent combos), and managing their life bars.

Lets try and keep Auto-Block/Assist Gem users out for now, but after the balance patch I dont see them being a problem.:wink:


I’ll kick it off!!

Nil Victor - Kaz/Heihachi - Brazil - Relentless offense, if you dont know how to block or need work blocking, play him.
Mushicobob - Hugo/Poison - USA - Good hugo and Poison team synergy, if you dont know the Hugo matchup he is your guy.
Sonic2k1 - Juri/Ken - Canada- Strong Juri and his ken has some nice setups to bring in juri for some nice dmg.
ScrubStyles - Dhalsim/Chun - USA- Despite the name, pretty strong keepaway game, has some tricks once you do get in on him.
Oyal - Xiaoyu/Ken - Europe - Very strong player, uses her 6 kick loop to its full extent.
Shaniril - Juri/Asuka - USA - Jump on his Juri and see what happens.


I’ll list some folks once I brave the PC side for an extended session again as well. It’s so hard trying to split myself between GWFL and XBL sometimes, lol.

I still owe a bunch of people from here some matches, lol - especially Shaniril and NegativeEdge.


Sounds good, just let us know where from and who they use, we want to grow this list!


competent players i had good matches with
Ragerunner05, Dreamz00, Kewdzo, Lordvonmogar, Tytanomachia



Fishy Politics ( Chun / Cammy )
NegativeEdge ( Vega / Guile )
SUPERSTARX ( Bison / Law )


Good stuff here.
StunneR1111 - Brazil, Ogre/Ryu
far away but not a lot of lag for me.


Thanks, any idea who any of them use? I can add with a ? for now, and if anyone finds out, post here and we will update it.


Fivz is another Juri/Asuka player, we trade tech on steam often.


i didnt play for a few weeks so i barely remember. ragerunner uses Jin/Heihachi i think. rest i completely forgot


Updated, thanks.


SUPERSTARX ( Bison / Law )

He is SUPARSTARX - the E is an A.


Lordvonmogar playing guile/paul


hi guys,i just wanted to say that i m “OYAL”(ken/xiaoyou player) if someone want to practice against me, just add me in your friend.


We had some good games, not many xia’s out there so that was something different, you had some nice damaging combos too.


my GFWL ID is:
www zeeshan de
I am in Europe (Germany), i am learning to play Guile, Ryu, Zangief, and in 8 Weeks also Blanka.

If you are interested, i also like to play 2 vs 2 in Endless Mode with my friend.
His GFWL ID is:

Add us both, so we can play. If you just want to train, also welcome. Please have a good Net-Connection, at least 3 Net-Bars or more please.


yep nega we had some good game you got a good and very hard vega :slight_smile: i enjoyed so much our game:)


Great to hear about the gg’s on PC, anyone has anymore decent players to add, lets hear it


Jokyu - Hwoarang/Jin; Sagat/Asuka
inactive since chars came out on consoles but I don’t mind playing PC again

There is also a slovak player who is really good with Law/Paul(he even KO’d me with Pandora quite often). I don’t remember his name at the moment though.