PC single player rpg?

I’m extremely bored. Can anyone suggest to me a decent role playing game?

1:NEEDS to be for PC
3:Preferably not something that I’ll end up 3 months straight playing
4:Not dragon age
5:And i don’t mean fpsrpg or anything i want a classic fantasy like final fantasy

6: THERE IS NO ROOM for final fantasy 7 hating itt. That is in my top 3 games of all time. and my favourite rpg of all time.

Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic and Mass Effect

Diablo 1 and Diablo 2

titan wars was 2 bucks on steam the other day

Torchlight. Spiritual diablo 2 successor.

Thanks, but you suggested; starwars and mass effect which isnt the kind of thing im looking for, old stuff, and free stuff. it doesnt have to be cheap it just has to meet my standards.

A message from the great beyond (All debate is null on me, don’t shoot the messenger):

(04:02:46 AM) jabhadouken: dude
(04:03:05 AM) jabhadouken: post in that single player RPG thread and tell the OP Wizardry 8
(04:03:20 AM) jabhadouken: best single player PC RPG ever
(04:03:46 AM) jabhadouken: ah nevermind
(04:03:47 AM) jabhadouken: lol
(04:04:08 AM) jabhadouken: doesn’t want FP
(04:04:15 AM) jabhadouken: wait… do it anyway
(04:04:20 AM) jabhadouken: he said no FPS
(04:04:28 AM) jabhadouken: no FP perspective
(04:04:33 AM) jabhadouken: it IS classical fantasy
(04:04:36 AM) jabhadouken: the best
(04:04:50 AM) jabhadouken: so it ought to be what he wants

No, I won’t tell you what IM protocol it is.

Definitely torchlight.

Divine Divinity.

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Can find it for cheap or less, on any platform (PS3, 360 or PC), and might play in first person bit isn’t anything near a shooter.

It’s actually an RPG even I’ll play, and I absolutely HATE 99% of RPGs, so that’s telling you something.

Did he rage quit SRK that time a while ago or get himself intentionally banned? I haven’t noticed him on these forums for a while.

Yes, these 2 are absolutely great, especially Oblivion because the amount of stuff there is to do is almost endless, and any playstyle is viable.

classic RPGs… hmm

Planescape: Torment is one of the all time greats.

If you want a classic RPG in which you can do whatever you want, Ultima VII is a personal favorite of mine

I’d place my bet on The Witcher: Enhanced Edition. Probably one of the best PC RPGs I’ve ever played.

witcher or oblivion most likely

The guy said cheap and old… 70% of the games listed in here are neither…

I seriously don’t know why people like Torchlight. It’s a freaking carbon copy of diablo 2 but the game is 10 000 times easier. It doesn’t even bring anything new to the table and people DARE to say it’s better than diablo.

Neverwinter Nights 2. If your into Dragon age/Baldur’s Gate type combat and story telling. You’ll like NWN2(Or really anything from Bioware lol).

Yup. Meets the requirements.

One that meets the requirements slightly less would be The Witcher: Enhanced Edition.

Otherwise, go indie! The Avernum or Geneforge series, maybe…

Planescape: Torment

I win thread fuck you.