PC sounds peak too high?

I often fall asleep watching shows on my PC, but now the show I’m watching is making it hard.

The sound is too high sometimes. I turn it as low as it can go so I can still hear the dialogue, but when any action happens the sound shoots up to like 900000000 dB.

I’ll end up nodding off, only to be awoken by some explosion. Is there some way to cap the heights on my sound? A friend of mine used to have a TV that had something called “Steady Sound” that did just that. Does this exist for PCs?

I have an XFI card and it has a software suite with a ‘Smart Volume Management’ feature that dynamically changes the volume to a manageable level. I would just google ‘automatic volume control’ and see if there’s any free programs that does what you need.

Thanks. I took a look into some programs. I’ll test them out tonight and get back, so if anyone else is having this issue they’ll know.