PC Speaker is buzzzzzzzzzing


I’ve got this pair of cheap PC speakers that my friend gave me because they made a “buzzing sound”. I don’t know how do you name this sound in english, it’s the same sound you hear when a bee or mosquito flies very close to your ears.

Today I opened the speaker that is giving the problem (the same with volume control and power on button), and found that what’s causing that sound is the transformer (I guess it’s named that) (looks like this, but only smaller). It makes that very audible sound when connected to the wall plug, even if is not powered on.

Also, I noticed that, if I move the cables or just change it’s position in relation with the speakers, the sound is less audible (but it never disappears). However, I have no clue why, because it never gives the same results if I move it again.

I hope you guys can help me, and tell me if I should change that thing (tranformer?), or just throw that POS to the garbage.


not worth the trouble fixing, i’d suggest getting a new set