PC: SSF4 AE - Bought 4 packs from Capcom, but got 1 serial number

I searched and I couldn’t find anything about this issue here.

I pre ordered SSF4AE, downloaded it fine and it works ok. Here’s the catch, in the email I got from Capcom I have ONLY ONE SERIAL NUMBER,instead of four.

There’s a thread on Capcom’s forums


Also, digital copy of AE is listed as BACKORDERED now, for maximum lols.


I want my friends to play this asap, if you know anything please post. I filed a ticket with Tech support just in case.

Maybe their server went down. Of course thats a good thing which means sales are happening.

Same problem here, except there was no serial for SSF4AE in the mails I recieved.
I got one of the serials filling my order number and password on the capcom store though.

Yeah thats how I got mine, trying to find out how to get the other 3. I seriously doubt my key works for all 4 copies of the game


Did anyone try to buy AE as digital download since it’s status has been changed to “backordered”? Do you have to wait for a key, or email support for it?