PC: SSF4 AE Bug - Not counting real frames on smooth mode

It seems that the Smooth Mode keeps dropping frames and doesn`t count them into actual gameplay, changing the game and creating many random situations.




Credits to **vonlost **and lazydog.

This is the framerate setting that caused problems in SF4, although I think it was called something else. We tried to tell Capcom to force Fixed framerate mode this time around and they didn’t listen. Smooth shouldn’t even have been an option in AE.

Smooth is a no go then. People should be made aware of this.

Seems like instead of just dropping draw frames it’s dropping gamestate frames, too …

Wonder what will happen when you’re online with Smooth vs Fixed and something like this happens…

Capcom at its best i dunno how many times PC users tried to tell capcom to FORCE framerate fixed and now they have the other options in again . Thx some idiots gonna ruin the game again online.

This sucks, especially because it’s the default setting. I seriously hope Capcom either fixes this or forces a fixed framerate online. What exactly is the advantage of the “smooth” option anyway?

So. “Smooth” is the new name they gave to what Vanilla PC called “Variable”?

Wow that is a pretty large oversight on their part. I don’t have the PC version but couldnt you force 60fps by turning vsynch on and changing the refresh rate depending on your GPU ?

Unfortunately, the variable mode is still in the game…and smooth mode is even worse

As with SFIV, there’s a benchmark that should be used by players to adjust settings to a level where they can consistently hit 60 fps. What’s new though, is that the benchmark results will be used as one of the online matching criteria. That is to say, it will try to match players with good framerates with other players with good framerates, all other criteria being equal (and conversely it should match folks who don’t have proper settings or hardware with other folks who similarly haven’t made that point a priority). This should help to keep experiences consistent assuming enough people are in the matching pool at any particular moment.

The second part of the solution comes in the form of a new options setting that will allow players to choose “smooth” framerate, “variable” framerate or “fixed” framerate. Smooth will attempt to playback all frames but potentially at the expense of a consistent or high framerate. This is similar to how SFIV handled it. Fixed will drop frames to keep the gameplay speed and inputs consistent. Variable is a hybrid of the two modes that will sometimes drop frames where absolutely necessary to maintain the gameplay.

If your PC or connection speed are complete garbage, I won’t be playing against you. I don’t see a problem with that at all. Upgrade you PC if you want to play at the full framerate and can’t on the benchmark, or get used to playing against other people with crappy PCs like yours. Or, at the very least people with weak PCs will have to take off all the eye candy settings to be able to play against me. :slight_smile:

You probably need a legit copy to fix it.


^I got a legit copy, it just doesn’t unlock until the 5th.


You guys got nothing on this one, if you do Sakura’s backthrow at just the right position while on Smooth mode, this happens:

Beat that.

So is it possible to play with smooth online or is there only one option for online? Either way I don’t see a big deal, just a reset but at much closer distance. Don’t really count any frames myself, I just know either if a move is safe or not on block.

As far as we know you can choose anything for online, in SFIV you could choose variable or fixed, but if you were on fixed, the other person would override it if they were on Variable. (Variable would cause the game to draw every frame, so if someone was under 60FPS it’d go slow as hell)

How is it not a big deal? Rufus’ Ultra 2 stops comboing randomly, and you can do a Handcuff with Sakura’s back throw at certain positions.

True. That video is one of the most fucked up bugs i have seen in a long time. If this keeps going i won´t buy this and keep on playing on console and so should you.

Why would I stop playing on PC just because Capcom made a crappy Framerate option the Default?
Why would I force myself to start paying for Xbox LIVE again or pick up a AU$500 PS3 just because Capcom was incompetent enough to allow this to be left in the game?
I switched to Fixed Framerate as soon as I saw this thread and the problem is solved, there’s no way I’m dropping more money on Consoles just because of that.

This issue is nothing more than something that the online community needs to be made aware of so they can switch to Fixed

As a matter of principle i don´t buy flawed software. But you are not forced to do the same ;]

Find people with good PCs and good connections and add them to your friend’s list. Done.

My current PC, a 4 year old Dell laptop, is ass though. I’ll be using AE on PC mostly for training mode on the go and adapting to the 360 frame delay timing while I play online on my PS3 and offline at local casuals with both 360 and PS3 setups.

Good luck to you PC-only players, and hopefully you can get Capcom’s attention and have them release a patch that forces fixed frame rate or puts it as default, and give you the option to only be matched with other players with fixed frame rate.