PC: SSF4 AE - Can't find any matches + lots of lag

Hello, I’m from Sweden I’ve played SF4 for 1-2 years now and bought AE for PC on steam the first day of release. I have a big problem regarding the game, I can’t find any matches most of the time. I usually spend several minutes searching for a game in quick match and when I finally find someone, it’s almost ALLWAYS 1 of the same 8-10 people from Europe/USA that I’ve already played before in my previous game or some point since the release. Besides, I cant find any custom games besides the player that I just fought against. Really, there is literally no one on my custom games list if I have the region option set to “Same”. I spent like 7 minutes just constantly refreshing the list to no prevail, while if I turn the region to “Any” I find loads of matches from different places in Europe but they are all really laggy for me. If you thought things coudn’t get worse, at most points during the day when I play I get lagspikes in games that aren’t suposed to lag at all. Both me and my opponent have A computers and green bars, I’ve even checked my connection on a website during a game and it’s completly normal. I also dont lag in other games whatsoever.

Sorry if this have been a confusing wall of text for you but I’m really desperate for some advice or solution here, only being able to play an extremly small group of people with lag most of the time really takes the fun out of the game since I cant further improve my skill by playing people at various skill levels and with different characters.

Also, since English isn’t my native language I apologize for spelling errors. :frowning:

There’s no reason to use “same” region in Europe, ever. It literally just means your own country. If you’re getting lag against all other Europeans, there’s something wrong with your connection. I can play with people in mainland Europe, UK and Scandinavia just fine.

Agree with cgm.
Regarding the lag, make sure you don’t have connection issues, and make sure vsync is off, aa is off, and framerate is on fixed.

Same issues as Brickubat. I get nice connections in any other games (in Vanilla it’s just perfect), but in AE it’s horrible. Even if me and my opponent have green bars connection. Need help.

I remember playing vs you once or twice, and you are really laggy to play against, yes. Are you using wifi?

And I wouldn’t search by Same region, just set it to Any. Sweden isn’t really crowded enough on PC, at the moment at least, to find a good amount of people.

When I play green bars there is lag sometimes, make sure there is nothing running in the background etc.

I got the exact same problem as OP. And my PC is up to par, my internet is working fine, and also I play the exact same people just fine over Vanilla PC. Something is definitely broken in PC: AE’s netplay.

yeahy AEPC seems to have issues locating matches even when the day before you found endless endlesses with green bars…then randomly u only find 1 endless thats red bar…