PC: SSF4 AE - Extremly weird Issue

Basicly the game works fine with a constant of 60 fps online and offline. If I play ranked matches it’s also fine, how ever if I try to play an endless battlemode , the first match runs great but the second and the ones after that register a huge FPS loss making it completly unplaylable.
I’ve tried everething including Uninstalling and reinstaling the game, updating my video drivers, closing every single program besides the game :confused:

My computer runs sf4 vanila flawlesly and I can even play witcher 2 on very high :expressionless:
I have an ati radeon 5500 HD and a dual core processor. I really hope there is a solution for this otherwise I feel like I wasted my monney.

is your fps set to fixed? try hosting your own endless battle. if the host hasn’t set his fps to fixed he’s probably got it on smooth or something.

Yeah I did host my games and my fps is set to fixed. As I was saying the matches in offline mode are runing well, the ones in ranked matches are fine, even the first match in endless battle is ok, the second one is like the matrix

be sure your computer supports anti aliasing, turn it off if you can.

I have set everething to minimum and same stuff happens.
Again the game WORKS GREAT offline and online in ranking, but only endless battle is broken.
This is quite annoying since I enjoy playing with friends that I know but now i am unable to do so

My problem is a simple pc issue that I can’t quite google properly without an essay. If I do a c.lp the lp will come out, but if I do it with a d/b+lp then the PC will not register the lp. Sometimes it goes the other way around with mp instead of lp. This gets extremely annoying when I cannot input things that require a diagonal such as dps. I think it has to do with something about limiting the amount of keystrokes the PC will register?

EDIT: sorry if I am hijacking your thread. Typing at work so I’ll make a thread about this before purchasing the game. Would be cool if this leads to MvC3 coming out on STEAM.

The same is happening to me!
Everything works ok, but after the first macth in Endless Battle, everything goes slow…

I am experiencing the same thing with a friend’s pc. I tried everything, even reinstalling the whole system, but to no avail. It’s not even lag, its just a massive slowdown when everything gets floaty.

I just bought the game and I am having the exact same problem. I suspect the game forgets the proper frame rate setting (fixed) after the first game, since I can’t quite get 60FPS all the time on my PC but endless battle works fine between 2 other players I know who both have much faster graphics cards. When I play with one of them though, we get slowdown after the first game. It doesn’t matter who is hosting and we both have frame rate set to fixed anyway.

I thought I could play the game just fine using the fixed setting since I get almost 60FPS all the time, but I guess not. Too bad that I can’t even resell the game since the key is single use only (well, at least if the buyer wants to choose their own GFWL gamertag) and knowing Capcom and their PC support, this will never be fixed. And no, restarting the game after every single match is not a solution.