PC: SSF4 AE - How do I change the trainer background?

I use to just replace the STG_TRN.emz File, this doensn’t seem to be the case anymore. I really dont like the training background, I would have prefered a trainging stage selection option, dont know why its not added into AE.

Anycase if someone know, please let me know.

Thanks in advance


Yeah thanks, but tried that one, made the training stage all weird looking, so no ^^ doesn’t work

try harder…


I use to replace east asia stage with the training stage, not a crappy training stage for another crappy training stage. Thanks for the response though. If you can manage to change the training stage with any other stage except another training stage, please anyone let me know. thanks

Don’t ask for a training stage background change then… but a stage swap…
I know how… happy?

Lol, Okay can you please with a cherry on top enlighten me please :slight_smile:

My crappy training stage doesn’t want me to. :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol, I am on my left knee, with a white rose between my teeth, oh my ultimate hero, would you please tell me the secret :slight_smile:

jk :stuck_out_tongue:

You need to edit the stage you want to swap in hexadecimal and replace every entries of the 3 digit used to name the stage by “TRN” inside both files STG_XXX.emz and STG_XXX.tex.emz, then rename the files to STG_TRN.emz and STG_TRN.tex.emz

In my example, I replaced every entries of AFX by TRN in the 2 files.

You may edit the vfx files too if you want.

K I’m a slow learner here. I tried to just copy the afrika stage files, rename them as you said, then replace the current training stage files, that didn’t seem to work. So what do you mean use hexadecimal, my coding skills are very below par :slight_smile:

You need 2 things:
piecemonteeSF4explorerV0.37b: http://sourceforge.net/projects/sf4viewer/files/
hexadecimal editor HxD (free): http://mh-nexus.de/en/downloads.php?product=HxD

1st open SF4Explorer and drag the 2 files on it to uncompress them. (you just need it for that)

Then open the files in HxD and do Search/Replace (CTRL+R)
“Search for:” AFX
"Replace with:" TRN

<- click on “case sensitive”

Then click on “Replace all” (there are many)

Save, change the name of the files and you’re done.

That just about did it, swap backgrounds for dummies. Thanks oh great one

is everything unlocked from the get-go? including costumes and taunts, etc?

Ok i need more help, back from work, tired it but failed.

step1 i dragged the 2 files to SF4Explorer, then what, do I do a raw dump, click on close all files, or click on the plusses? No button to uncompress

Ok so maybe i got it right to uncompress them, i loaded the files into hex editor, 1 at a time, tried ctrl + r try to find JPN(since I want to use this stage)
It said cant find JPN in the file: STG_JPN.tex.emz

So what am I doing wrong, perhaps i need the swap training stage step by step for uber dummies :slight_smile:

Opening the emz files in SF4Explorer should automatically uncompress them and create a backup of the original (with the extension “.compressed”)
Then you should be able to find JPN under the hexadecimal editor.

I did it exactly like that, it took me like 2mns and it works so I uploaded it: http://www.mediafire.com/?lggr24gu5l1g4jj


Thanks Master

I’ll take sensibeat’s instructions and make a little tutorial in the next day or two and post back here in case anyone else has trouble with it.

When you do the replace thing (ctrl+r), make sure you click on “case sensitive” before clicking on “Replace All”.

Excellent thread. Now, is there any way to change the training mode music too? lol