PC: SSF4 AE - How is it online?

Ok guys, buy or no buy question here, which interests many (any info appreciated):

How’s SSF4AE PC edition online (i.e. netcode, lag, matchmaking/other online features etc.)?

amazing so far. arcade-like, tons of people looking for matches, as long as you have at least a 2.2ish dual core and 512 vram and set matchmaking to same area, there won’t be lag. even if you don’t have the specs you can turn backgrounds off and have the game run on like a 2-3.0 single core and 256 vram. supposedly the stick registerings in button config is a little iffy but it worked fine for my ps3 TE.

It’s great beyond my expectations a lot better than SF4. I play in Europe and . I get full green bars with all Europe (but the connection quality is apparent aside from bars). I can even play with US guys (off course it’s not perfect) but playable far from broken like it used to be when playing with different continents.

I really hope this remains as it is and it’s not because of the few amount of people playing, because it’s the biggest improvement from SF4 so far.

About matchmaking etc it’s too early to say. All I can say is that if you play single player with rated match request on you will need about 8 hours to finish single player, meaning you get a shit load of requests.

Its hit and miss.
Theres definately noticable input lag comapred to offline but I guess thats a given because its not ggpo netcode.
The problem is its inevidable to encounter the people with shitty PCs/Shitty connection/wireless/downloaders/lag spikes then it gets frustrating as hell.
I have a very high end gaming PC on wired connection so I know its not on my side.
So far I dont see any PC exclusive online features, other than the turd they slapped on called GFWL.

I dont know about you people but when input lag fucks me up, I get salty and it just makes we want to play offline more.

Off course you can not expect to see online equal to offline on a game with 1 frame links (1/60 of a second) unless you play with someone extremely close to you.

I find the online on AE a lot better than console. But the competition is bad, theres much more good players on consoles. We’ll have to give it time.

ya,for online you just use more safe-to-input combos instead of flashy 1 frame stuff.

I have had 1 match with some lag out of about 60 or so matches, its awesome.

Really fun. Many people online and doesn’t take long to find matches. Only really peeved about no one wanting to play 1v1 lobbies. No one joins my 1v1 endless and all i see are 4+ people lobbies all the time.
Also yeah lots of newcomers. I’ve already got almost 1700 bp for my character and most of the competition was newcomers which feel like free wins it seems. Gotta give it time.

Also people please buy this game. It will probably be the primary determinant on whether MvC3 and future SF’s make it to PC!

FPS issues with players with different settings,
some issues with graphics on PC

Not a good port. Sticking with xbox.

frame skipping online.


patch this shit.

It actually tells you the player’s pc grading when he enters the lobby. Just play only with those who have A grade (like 90% of the players) and you will be fine. You will never see frame skipping and stuff.

Pretty good, I’ve played canadian and us (east cost I think) yesterday with a small, present, lag, but stable so no input messing. I’m european (french) with a less then average connection.

here in brazil the pc players are terrible, they play like vanilla sf4 o.O… the online is better than vanilla pc, i found a lot of lobbys without lag

It’s worth noting that the arcade that (S)SSFIV runs on is a PC architecture and running on Windows XP Embedded, so porting to Windows PC is less of an effort because it already runs on it! the only things they had to do is make the graphics scale on a number of graphic cards (because Taito Type x2 arcade has only one), test a various number of machine configurations and all the other features they added on top. If anything the PC version is the most arcade perfect version.

While it’s true it’s basically a PC game ported to PC, the fact that you have inconsistencies among systems whereas before on console/arcade there was NONE because everyone was playing on the same platform means that it can’t really be “arcade perfect”. On a good system offline, then maybe. But online with all the variety of different systems that goes out the window. The fixed/variable/smooth framerate thing fucks with lots of stuff. =(

And what does that mean at the end? Nothing, it’s just bloody stupid to talk about such things.
As long as the PC meets the minimum hardware requirements there’s is nothing to discuss about “inconsistencies”. :smiley: And those (requirements) ain’t worth mentioning, imho. PC version is the same and because of that “arcade perfect” (if you want to rely on that term)… Don’t you remember? Ono himself said so. Arcade = 99% of PC version… :smiley:
And online issues exist on all systems, be it consoles or PCs.

I haven’t played anyone who had a bad PC. Seriously, the requirements are the exact same as SF4 which came out two years ago. And even when SF4 came out, you didn’t need a very good PC to run it well, it’s not a very demanding game.

I really like the benchmark display that’s shown inside the Endless Lobbies now. On top of being able to see their connection, there’s also a little monitor icon with a letter rating (“A” being the highest) that tells you how well AE runs on their PC so it gives you a better idea of whether or not it’s the opponent’s PC that’s lagging up the game.

In terms of online play, I find that as long you play people who keep frame rates on “Fixed” and don’t try to max out their graphics when their PC can’t take it, then you have yourself a pretty smooth and solid gameplay experience. I’m still a little agitated with the whole “keyboards and arcade sticks not being detected” issue that seems to be affecting a lot of PC AE players, but don’t get me wrong. When this game runs, it runs great!

How to change my region?im from vietnam but searching results are all usa player.