PC: SSF4 AE KEYBOARD PLAYERS ALERT! (or keyboard players in general)

okay sorry if this is in the wrong section mods or if this is a reposted topic (but i did not find on any of my forum search queries on anything about this topic), idk if this should be in tech talk because it concerns hardware or just general pc edition AE talk but i believe this is an important issue that the PC keyboard players should be aware of if they are not and this concerns all keyboard players in general.

PC players if you are playing on keyboard be aware that you might not be getting all of your inputs delivered from the keyboard button push to your pc/game. This is an unfortunate hardware limitation of many USB keyboards that they often only register (or can only send? someone correct me on this) a limited number of simultaneous button depressions. This will limit the types of moves and techniques you can use, some minor and some critical (dependent on your keyboard’s limitations).

For me i noticed this when i was playing around about a month ago on my PC version of vanilla on a keyboard for fun and i noticed that i could do focus attack dash cancels upon enemy contact (block, hit, etc) but i could not do it to just focus attack in the middle of the ring to just raw dash cancel the focus. This i feel is extremely important because it altogether gets rid of a type of attack/bait i can utilize. (if you guys want i can try and make a video of this anomalie and post it). I do own fightsticks and noticed that the input display did not lack the directions required the cancel the focus on my madcatz SE sticks nor my hori EX 2 or custom stick that has a madcatz fightpad PCB, This just happened on my keyboard.

I believe this is important information that should be passed to the general public because of several reasons and not everyone is aware of this issue. There might be a misunderstanding so to say it in case anyone has problems with certain moves/techniques, THIS IS NOT AN ISSUE WITH THE PC VERSION, THIS IS PROBABLY A HARDWARE/KEYBOARD LIMITATION. also please dont go blaming capcom for this because your keyboard is out of their control etc.

“This is an issue for me, my hardware is dropping inputs so what can i do?”

  1. Do research on a new USB keyboard that guarantees a certain number of button inputs

Some “gaming keyboards” are advertised with the fact that they guarantee a certain number of maximum inputs (i would like help here from anyone to try and give me a ballpark estimate of how many inputs should be looked for)

  1. Use different hardware for your inputs

This means fightstick, hitbox, your favorite gamepad with converter, etc. the list is endless

That being said, Use whatever controller you want while keeping in mind that many keyboards might have problems with your inputs. I hope the PC fighting game community is robust and supportive of each other, cant wait to play you guys online :slight_smile:

Also please be aware of having FIXED framerates for SSF4 AE so we can all have a pleasant online experience, and the issues with smooth framerate physically changing the game and whatever else might come up.

edit: forgive me for my poor grammar and punctuation i just didnt care.

Yes many keyboards don’t let you press more than 3 or 4 buttons at a time. But I rarely ever have to use such button presses. I’m a keyboard player and maybe its just my laptop keyboard in general but everything registers just fine here. I’m not a terrible player either.

You’re wrong about PS2 not having this problem. It probably depends on the model, but I have a PS2 keyboard and certain combinations of keys simply won’t work…very frustrating for keyboard players.
Apparently the correct term is “rollover”: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rollover_(key)

What inputs can you guys use to execute an SRK on a keyboard when playing SF4?

yeah its highly dependent on each individual keyboard. i just wanted to raise awareness if some people are having problems

ah okay thanks, ill just correct that then

uh given the input leniency of the sf4 engine specifically i sometimes do it as

DF, D, DF or F, D, DF but theres a couple other ways you can in this lenient engine

Say i’m on the left side: if i input RIGHT, DOWN, RIGHT + P fast enough, it works. I can also do a double fireball motion (if i don’t have super): DOWN, RIGHT, DOWN, RIGHT+ P. The last and easiest method: DOWN+RIGHT(both at the same time), DOWN+RIGHT(both at the same time) + P.

All i need to know is if the gamepads or stick are easily configurable.



I’m amazed at how good some keyboard players actually are online.

When I used to play with keyboard, I would just hold down, tap forward twice and hit punch. Easiest SRK motion ever. It’s a really sloppy shortcut though.

why would any fighting fan play with a keyboard and my madcatz te s stick works perfectly fine on pc version.

Because I’ve been playing with a keyboard and doing relatively well for years at 3rd strike. If you have ambitions to become a pro it might not be a wise choice, but otherwise you really don’t need a stick. Besides, its obviously superior to pads, and there are competitive pad players.

Because as much as I love my TE too, it was expensive as hell. Not everyone can afford one, so they play with keyboard. It isn’t so bad.

For those who can’t find the stick and controller button configs, you need to use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to switch between controller types in the button config menu.

personally, i tried it just for kicks. i thought it would be fun/interesting and it is. for charge characters its actually SUPER EASY and accurate, for motion characters its a little more challenging but meh

also dont be elitist. im sure there are plenty of keyboard players who would give anyone a run for their money

As some of you may know, CRapcom has shown their incompetence in full yet again to the PC community. Multiple devices (arcade sticks included) and even KEYBOARDS do not function with the PC release of AE. Neither PS3 or 360 mode works with my dual modded Hori stick, nor does my incredibly basic Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000 keyboard.

How can one company be so dumb? I cannot answer.

Luckily, there are various work arounds to the issue, no thanks to CRapcom.

Keyboard/controller hot fix:

Below are links to a hot fix. Copy the files into the root of your Super Street Fighter 4 - Arcade Edition folder (this is located in your steam apps/common folder for those using Steam) and load up the game. Your keyboard should be now working (z is the default key to skip intros). The keys can be remapped in the ini file that comes with the zip.


I’ve heard that you can successfully remap buttons to get your arcade sticks/controller of choice working in the actual SSF4 AE menus. Be sure to map the buttons under Controller 1 if you do decide to do this. I unfortunately have had no luck getting my stick to work, and others report that they crash if they try to map the buttons from the in game menus, but best of luck to you.

360 Controller:

Using a 360 Controller seems to work with some people. Furthermore they are able to remap and get their other devices to work using this method. Again, your mileage may vary as I cannot confirm this particular method.

Use a different keyboard:

Another sketchy solution, but again there are reports of this working. PS/2 keyboards have had the best success I’ve heard so far. As I’ve said before, even the most basic keyboards may not work as my Comfort Curve 2000 doesn’t function. My Logitech keyboards have also not worked upon trial.

Wait for CRapcom to fix it:

See you in a month probably. No, not an official report, just a gut feeling given their infallible stupidity.

What was that program called to Program the joystick as a keyboard? joy2key? dont remember

I’m using both a Logitech keyboard and a PS3 madcatz TE. Lucky me! I’m aware of the issue on the generation one series of PS3 TE’s, and mine does work on my chipset. The most baffling thing is both my keyboard and my stick worked fine on vanilla SF4 on THE VERY SAME PC.

I was going to try a super ghetto setup of using this hack and then using XPadder to map my stick, but I still can’t get my keyboard to work using that hack. I basically can’t do anything except watch the intro cinematic.